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As a divorced parent of 2 boys, I try to work my online posting and writing ventures around the custody time with my kids. Meaning, that days can go by without having time to do anything online. But sometimes, like tonight (because of the Fibromyalgia insomnia) I'm up late (or early?) and will research some things.

That said, I am still interested in doing an interview with anyone associated with Twitter Rocket. I just haven't put the right questions together yet.

I do think it's kind of funny that people who have left comments on The Upstart Blogger somehow think that I am somehow related to some alleged blackmailer from the Phillipines, and that I'm now targeting 'Hannah'. Ummm, what?

Being all night owl-y tonight, I checked out all of Hannah (of the Twitter Rocket promoters) Twitter 'tweets', and it was interesting.

Since the end of this original post got cut off for some reason, I'm just going to start again.

She has a few tweets referring to some Twitter programs she was promoting- but the links are now dead, implying that she later removed those pages from her website in order to promote the Twitter Rocket. I find it interesting that she is one of the poster boys of success for the Twitter Rocket, when she doesn't even really have a website. Having a website that has pretty much nothing but posts about the Twitter Rocket is questionable. How does that make someone a blogger?

Some random thoughts...
Considering that she really only has a handful of short posts (most of them about the Twitter Rocket), it is really hard to imagine why Ashley from The Upstart Blogger became interested in her to begin with. I get that one of her few posts was a dressing-down of one of his competitors, but lots of people do that. For someone who uses the word 'blogger' in her blog title, it's kind of funny that she doesn't really do much blogging.

I like how she addresses the question of why there is absolutely NO claims of people using the Twitter Rocket to grow their business by saying
"any search for Twitter Rocket, either in a search engine or via the search facility on Twitter, will only bring up 2 kinds of people. People who are promoting Twitter Rocket and people who are trying to get traffic by using Twitter Rocket as a keyword."

I'm pretty sure that if I bought a system that would increase my customer base and let me sell a lot of widgets, I'd mention it somewhere.

I find it highly questionable that she is making $20,000 a month. I'll even give credit that maybe that's her gross, not profit. Even with $10,000 a month in sales of the $97 eBook ($47 profit), it means she sold over 200 Twitter Rocket eBooks a month. For a couple of months? That many people have bought it, and none of them have felt the urge to let the internet know how amazing it is? Nobody tweets about it? Not believable.

I also like her take on people who fail to see the numbers add up-
And that drives the skeptics insane. They search for Twitter Rocket and they see a bunch of young bloggers like me making loads of money online without doing any real work. And then some of them get all angry and jealous and start posting nasty comments about how people like me are lazy, or that I should go back to school.

Jealous? Well, she is a teen, and teens often mistakenly think other people are jealous of them. Yes, a lot of adults think it is lazy to sit on your ass and do nothing. Especially if what little they are doing appears sketchy. And, there are a lot of people who value education. Not just to get some high-paying job, but to actually exercise your brain. So, it makes for good fun when a teen advocates that other kids should quit school in order to blog.

And then I’ll buy a house. And when I’ve got more money next year I’ll by an even bigger house. And then a nice sports car.

Well, it's nice that she has goals, even if they are quite shallow. It's called conspicuous over-consumption, and there are actually people like me who don't respect it much. Or get jealous of it, since we have different goals.

Interestingly, there still isn't any proof given, other than what appears to be a doctored earnings receipt, of any real earnings.

I have some advice for Hannah. Take all that money you're claiming to roll in and enroll in college. Or a junior college if you don't have the grades. Find a charity you support, and give them 10% of your earnings a month. Giving is a great thing. And then, since you tweeted about wanting to lose some pounds and dress sizes quickly, go vegetarian. You seem to like doing everything the easy way, and losing weight by going vegetarian is very easy.

I've been given the heads-up about another funny post she has, so I'm going to trot on over there and check it out.


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