Twitter Rocket Bullies?

8:25 AM Posted by GloryBug

If Rust Never Sleeps, then I guess the Twitter Rocket never Naps

I take a few days off while I'm tweaking my new Studio laptop up (yes, I got a new one, and VvonV got a replacement Studio14z, both of which I'll review soon), and pandemonium appears to have broken loose.

Not like it wasn't headed that way anyway- the Twitter Rocket Advocate people have been some of the most aggressive and least tactful promoters of a product I've seen in quite a while.

The latest debacle is that it appears they've made copywrite claims against the SWBN, a website that dared to review their product. Claims that resulted in the website and apparently their FaceBook site being suspended.

The content of what had been posted is no longer available on their site, but I was able to access it on cached Google pages.

The Breakdown

From what I read, it appears they simply went over each of the steps provided without plagarizing or claiming credit for the 'product' in the eBook and gave their personal opinion about them. I did not see anywhere where they slandered the Twitter Rocket or anyone involved with it- nor did they seem to be able to prove the main core of what the Twitter Rocket claims- that the product might be able to increase your Twitter followers numbers to not be true. I refuse to use the term 'grow your followers', because it seems grammatically incorrect.
The did question how relevant 'autofollowers' might be for any particular niche, which is something I had questioned.

They did mention that there was a 'script' for automation along with the eBook, which my experience has shown is true. I have thus far received 3 copies of the Twitter Rocket package, and what they stated in their review matches each of the copies I have received, as far as content.

It is very common to review products online, and as long as you do not claim their copywritten items were yours, or slander them, or reveal trade secrets, it really would be foolish for anyone to get aggressive and report your site for copyright infringment. Having an opinion is not copywrite infringement. It is not the opinion of anyone's products or ideas that constitute infringement, but the theft of those ideas and the making money from that and/or slander that would be the problem.

I have not seen that the SWBN tried to make any money off the product, but I did read that they reported the'd bought it, and if they did, they were entitled to make money off it just like anyone else who bought it does. As far as some of the TR people claiming they've made money by increased traffic to their websites, I'd have to beg to differ.

I have had an increase in traffic to my website since becoming interested in the Twitter Rocket- amost completely negative, as it appears to be only TR people, and their posts to the comments are at least tedious, and at most, borderline slanderous. I have actually seen a loss in the small amount of income I'd been getting from marketing on my sites since I started covering the TR marketing campaign. Not just in the main site that posted about it, but in my other, non-related sites as well. With nasty comments to ALL of my sites.

I've also been accused of removing or not allowing comments, even whilst the comments on the posts about the TR are bloated. According to the TR people in their comments, I am smart enough to know how to block and edit comments, yet too stupid to know how to set my comments bar up properly; smart enough to post under my own comments under at least 7 various names, (by people who have posted anonymously)including being accused of being a man from the Phillipines, yet stupid enough to 'accidentally' post in my own comments as 'other' people under the same IP address. Stupid enough to anonymously post babbling, cussing, things. I've been accused in my own comments sections of being a liar, racist, promoting rape.. of people claiming they have personally emailed me when they have not, of just plain everything including the kitchen sink.

I've been called 'old, ugly, bitter, jealous', amongst the myriad of accusations made by the TR people.

At this point I'd like to ask that all of the anonymous people accusing me of posting as other people than 'glorybug', provide proof of it. Because claiming that with no proof is pretty much slander. That you personally post your 'so-called' proof publicly. Because one thing I know about life is that even though it sucks sometimes waiting for it, the truth always wins. And the truth is I only post under the name of 'glorybug', because I have underaged children.

The one thing that a couple of Twitter Rocket promoters have gotten correct is that it's true that I've never reviewed the product or claimed that it did not work, because I had not purchased it. The not having reviewed it part is true, as it the never claiming it didn't work.

But- not having a copy of it is not true. Because I do.


  1. Hannah said...

    If you don't have a registered copy direct from the author then you don't have anything.

    I'm guessing you've got the SWBN "let's pretend we've got Twitter Rocket and give it away on our blog" attempt. I'll leave a more reasoned argument in your review post.

  2. GloryBug said...

    Howdy, Hannah, once again.

    You've really come out of the woodwork today.

    I am going to guess that the 4 copies I have gotten from 4 different people will match everyone else's copies.

    Because I proofread all the copies I got, and the all had the same typos.

    I hope the noise I'm hearing is the noise of people scrambling to 'correct' the typos on the copies I got...

    For no other reason than that it annoys me to see people trying to sell stuff when it's riddled with gramatical errors.

    Everybody effs up a little on their blogs and whatnot.... but when you try to sell a product as 'professional', it helps if there's no typos.

    So, fix those typos real quick so that you can prove that 4 different people did not send me eBook copies of the Twitter Rocket.

    Maybe while you're waiting, you can hang out with the Twitter Rocket 'tweakers' who appeared to be on anonymous crack or meth when they were claiming that I was magically posting in my own comments as several different people, including a man from the Philipines.

    The problem being that I have Fibro, CEBV and CMFPS among many of the immune difficiency problems I deal with, and the #1 thing that helps relieve symptoms is avoid/ignore stress. So instead of getting mad about what I think is SO LOW, I find the funny side. VvonV has also thought it immensely funny that people have mistaken Twitter Rocket fans/disturbed people's posts in comments as being from me.

    I have a feeling, that without me posting the typos I found, that if I offered a contest that would pay $100 per typo in every "supposed' Twitter Rocket purchaser's eBook, and they had to cough up those eBooks sight unseen, every one of them would match the 4 eBooks I've been sent.

    You are making over $1000 a day, Hannah- surely you could spare $100 to have a little contest to see whose eBook has the exact same typos mine has? It would be a shame if 'surprise', nobody came forward besides the 4 different people from my side.... because I guess you can tell one of them would win that prize. And since I never told any of them that anyone else had sent me a copy, I'm guessing 4 people would be expecting that prize.

    I'd like to know who's stupendic logic came up with the idea that if people reviewed the Twitter Rocket and concluded that it was not a scam- just overpriced by the amount a 'Lazy-assed' person would be willing to pay for..... that they should all flock to that site to discredit the person who said the product was not a scam.

    Have you practiced flawed circular logic much?

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