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Hannah Montana, er, Solo has Once again Dignified this Site to ..? Not Sure What She Intended to Do

I remember being a teenager. It wasn't like how everyone else describes it, how they think they're invincible and smarter that their parents and all that. I had a very harsh beginning, and grew up early. I started working as a waitress when I was 14, and got out of high school early and into college my Junior year. I moved out of my parents' house, and using money I'd saved waitressing and modelling, opened my own licensed and bonded Modelling and Talent agency when I was 17.

I now have 2 children who are in the "GATE" programs, and the last thing I'd like them to do is listen to spoiled teenaged brats who don't know how to work, and who in their blogs encourage children to just drop out of school to 'blog' for a living. I sincerely hope my children don't do poorly on their college entrance tests like the people who advocate that did.

That said- it's all well and nice that Miss Hannah has decided to hop my site. She sure hasn't been blogging on her site for pretty much forever, even though she claims to be a 'blogger'. However, I will humour her, much as I would my own children, when they talk about things they thing they know something about, but really don't. I call it 'real life'.

So forgive me for being Snarky, but as an adult and a parent, when I hear teens trying to talk all grown up, it brings out the snark in me.

Here's Miss Hannah's commetns-

Since you've calmed down a little maybe it's time to clear the air with some reasoned argument.

I don't personally care enough about 'get rich quick' schemes (whether they work or not, to have ever been 'not calm'.

Your review makes it obvious that you still haven't purchased a copy. Which means you were probably given the fake copy that the SWBN were hawking around last Friday night, for around 10 minutes before they got shut down.

The reason it might seem obvious that I have never purchased the Twitter Rocket is because I have said in my posts over and over that I have not. Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. I do not personally know anyone from the SWBN- but if I'm not mistaken, either them or that guy from the Phillipines were the first people to sound the alarm about the Twitter Rocket, not me. I don't take claim for sniffing that out first.

The truth (and you can believe me or not, I don't really mind) is that SWBN never had Twitter Rocket and were taken off line for passing off there own little creation.

If you have sold as many Twitter Rockets as you all claim, I don't believe you could know whether you or the millions of affiliates sold a copy to them. Unless you have a 'blacklist'.

350,000 followers from distributed sources all aimed at an account has a big impact.

I don't recall myself or the SWBN claiming otherwise. But that is not something you can review in an eBook, which is what we essentially have reviewed.

Registered users are the only ones who can access it - that's why the reviews written by people who didn't pay for it (like you, I'm guessing) don't mention it.

And that might be problematic, since I can't find one review of anyone experiencing the little social network y'all are wanting to talk about now.

That is all there is to it. Sure, there are instructions on how to do a few things to make your account more attractive and to optimize it but the part that all the bogus reviews (done by people who aren't registered users) miss is the network push.
You can't really argue with numbers either.

I could argue it, but I tend to avoid trying to argue with teens. I do find it a little disconcerting that you dismiss the eBook so easily, as if it was 'nothing'.

I have been using it for 3 months and have around 20,000 followers. I got every single one with Twitter Rocket. I didn't pull them out of thin air, I didn't use any tricks.

I have no doubt that you have followed 20k people, and have gotten 20k anonymous people to follow you. No matter how it was gained, Twitter shows it. I would have to be a moron not to acknowlege that. But...What I wonder about is how that helps you or anyone at all. As far as I've heard, you have no business. You haven't created any product to sell. So why would it matter if you had 20k or 100k followers?
If you really think marketing the Twitter Rocket is going to be a lifetime job for you, then I'm speechless. Much like I often am when I hear teen logic.

I use the automated ad script to send out advertisements from time to time. Certainly nothing that would cause any TOS problems.

And I think the SWBN touched on that- that you have to be careful not to bee 'too
abusive with your ads.

And yes I make money from it. A lot of money. Because there is a lot of interest in the product - both negative and positive - which makes it very easy to sell.

And that's great for you, honey. I was kind of worried when I read some of your posts about wanting flashy cars and big houses. Because any 'smart' person of any age always invests their money in tangible property that keeps it's value- not impressive crap that loses 3/4 of it's value in a month.

The SWBN ran their article and got caught telling lies. It was obvious. Their review claimed to be about one thing, defamed that one thing, and then proved that they never had it in the first place by failing to mention anything genuine about the real product.

I read their review, and I am of the opinion that they 'stated their opinion' but did not lie. If fact, I did not find it to be as harsh of a review as they could have done. They were fairly even-handed.

Their supporters sprang into action, crying foul, but the fact that what they had revealed wasn't a reveal at all. It was, as you have found out, just a bunch of stuff that anyone could get from the internet.

I am going to guess you really didn't mean to say that all the info from the eBook was easy stuff you could get from the internets. Did you? Because that would mean the eBook should have been given away for free *from a marketing standpoint* and people only charged for the automated feed and the luxury of the internet friendship of the likes of you and AM.

You can't copy and give away something that requires personal verification and registration. That's what makes review like this one a little comical because, as I already mentioned, registered customers just roll their eyes and see straight through it.

You are right that you cannot give away some little scheduling program that needs an authorization key. But you can certainly give away eBooks. And it appears people have been giving those away since they began to be sold. Of course, it would be snarky of me to point out that there are other free programs out there that also will schedule and post Tweets. For free.

Your attack on Upstart Blogger (not the Upstart Blogger or the people behind Upstart Blogger as you keep calling him) is pretty silly as well and shows that you know nothing about what he has achieved, and the respect he has earned, since he launched that blog in 2004.

I have never once said anything bad about the Upstart Blogger or it's founder. In fact, I stated I had been reading the blog. Of course, now I'm realizing I was probably reading back posts when it belonged to someone else, but the site itself did have some useful information on it. You can claim whatever you want. Until you come up with proof that I ever have written anything personally about Ashley or the Upstart Blogger, then you should keep your little mouth shut, Missy.

Writing a bad review is not something that should attract such violent outbursts and I honestly don't see why your previous outbursts ended in such ridiculous conflict.

I have no clue what that babbling was about. I wuold have to personally care about the TR in order to have 'violent outbursts'. How exactly does one 'think' one thinks another person is doing that in cyberspace? Make up your mind- did I or did I not write a previous 'bad review'? You know the answer is that NO, I never wrote any review at all up til now.
I have been very honest in that I have never previously written a review about the Upstart Blogger... but when 7 of you diehards spam Tweets- most of them clones of each other withing minutes, I've really had to hold my tongue about the claim it was not 'spam'. It's like gum wrappers and aluminum cans on the highway. You could at least get together and agree to stagger your auto tweets.
Oh wait, yes I do, it was because a bunch of people allowed themselves to get into a mono syllabic fight which soon degenerated into something much much nastier.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to reach out to you, GloryBug (see, I did it again, just for you) on my Twitter account @blogginghannah so you can watch Twitter Rocket being used. No commitment, if you want a tour I'll give you a tour. If you don't, if you want to keep relying on fake stuff that you get from websites that get closed down for passing off, then that's cool too.

Or, Hannah, you could stop being a self-absorbed teenager and watch other people, like me, do what they do on Twitter. Which is to try to raise money for charities that adults care about. Or to discuss their children. Or to talk about what would probably be the biggest change you could ever do in your life, or for the world, which is to go vegetarian or vegan. I am an artist, writer and musician, as well as a mother (which is THE most important thing), and my beloved VvonV is a writer and musician who is currently recording his 5th album. I seriously doubt that any 'teenager' could give me a tour about anything. I am pretty sure we both have been there, done that with our respective bands and tours.

How about we turn this around, and I give you some tips on your 'tour' in life that you pretty much even haven't started yet? I'd say stay in school. I'd say, no matter how much money you claim you're making- get a job. Be an adult. Learn some responsiblility. Stop telling other people's children that all your teenaged knowlege qualifies you to tell them to drop out of school and 'blog'. That's teenaged idiocy at it's finest.

I'll leave your little backlink here to your account on my blog, but only because the TR people have made it clear they will call conspiracy theory on anyone who doesn't. So- if you have any intention of contacting teenaged Hannah (please forgive me if you've turned the ripe age of 20 since your last reported age), contact her here.

I'd like to reassure you, Miss Hannah, that all the men who will take you up on your Twitter offer only want to get next to your magnificent brain. Because men really respect and listen to business advice given by teens who've never had a real job. If it looks like they're looking at your tits, don't worry- they're just looking for our name tag.

Same goes for any of your readers. If you want to see Twitter Rocket at work visit me at my twitter account http://www.twitter.com/blogginghannah and I'll happily connect with you and give you a tour / answer any direct questions etc. et.

See. We're not all that bad. Rich, maybe. Nasty, no. Life's too short.

One more thing. The real ebook that accompanies the Twitter Rocket system doesn't mention money at all. More proof that you haven't got / see / purchase the real thing.
But, since a lot of you want to read numbers, in my experience some people make a little money, some people make a lot.

Now, see, that's one thing you and your friends always forget to say. That I never said the e-book claimed to make big money. It didn't. It's the 3 post a year bloggers, and the no website posters that keep garbaging up Twitter with their repeating tweets. Have you even searched "Twitter Rocket" on Twitter? If you have, it will be clear it's being tweeted hourly with canned messages that link back to no real websites. It's all affiliate links.

You Twitter Rocket people need to synchronize your advertising tweets so that y'all don't say the same empty affiliate linked thing every hour. Maybe Twitter Rocket "4" could work on that... snynchronizing the auto-tweets to vary the canned messages and stagger them throughout the day.

My earnings are probably about average.
The only Twitter / Income equation I have ever used myself is that 10,000 followers can easily be turned into $1,000 a week. But that is my own experience and not something that was taught or suggested to me.

Well, I think that's funnier than shit, since you are selling 4-5 Twitter Rockets a day. You'd think SOMEONE else besides you would come forward and show proof of earnings. Maybe some of the 4-5 people a day you've claimed to have sold to in the last couple of months? And not the kind statement that you originally showed, where it was obvious someone had photoshopped something about the statement.

My bottom line is this- I am going to stick by my review. I said it did not appear to be a fraud, pyramid scheme, MLM ar scam. I just didn't think the script or the 'friendship' with certain people was even worth $97.

I absolutely believe that if you want to accumulate 10k followers on Twitter using this program, according to the eBook I saw, you can do it. Unless you have a specific niche that isn't called 'get rich quick'. What you want to do with those 10k followers is your own business- if you actually have a business.

As far as trying to be nice to me on my own blog here- I don't need it. You already called me old and ugly, bitter, and? and? just because I questioned your photoshopped earnings. I have not felt the need to post on your blog, because you don't write. You aren't a blogger. You write on average once in a couple of months when you got your knickers in a twist- and this is what you advise kids to drop out of school for? I am an adult woman, and I don't need your immature teenaged girl support at all.

I understand that you are all confused about the fact that I didn't write a horrible review as you were anticipating, but you'll get over it.

In fact, it will give you time to ponder what marketing brainfuck went wrong by having all the Twitter Rocket people cybernet gangbang people they 'thought' were a threat.

I can say that if my website were shut down, even temporarily, for the GENERIC review that the SWBN did, I would not be as nice about it. I'd probably go to small claims to make you pay any fees I incurred. I can also say, I have no respect for pansy-asses who cry wolf every time someone says something about them that they don't like, and has to report it to the teacher. Are y'all adults, or are you grade school children? Get over yourselves.

And like I said before, I can guarantee that the typos I have seen in the 4 eBooks I've been sent for review will match those put out by the UB. It is the same hugely widespaced, white spaced eBook.

You can't threaten or sue or shut down my site for me saying I think the product does the minimal that the PRODUCT (not the Tweeters) claims to do. And you can't claim anything else, because I have not and would not ever want to make a dime off your mediocre product. In fact, I'd like to be repaid for the time I've had to spend moderating all the NASTY things your people have posted on my site= against me, and trying to impersonate me and slander me.

As it stands, I'll call it even. I have to. I have my beloved VvonV and my children to attend to- and I'm not trying to be rude, but they are more important than you.


  1. Allison Reynolds said...

    Looks like we came to the same conclusion GloryBug.

    No scam, but definitely crap being pushed to the naive and greedy by the unscrupulous.

    Look forward to reading more from you about NON TR stuff :)

    Love your turtles too!

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