Letterman and Tiger Should Become Friends

12:56 AM Posted by GloryBug

Celebrity excuse?
I get that Letterman is a celebrity, and that he has some issues we ordinary people don't.
But in his personal life he shares something all of us common people do- the fallout of cheating.

At first, people complained a lot, claiming that he hadn't cheated on his wife of a few months, because they were not married at the time. I would disagree with that criteria. I personally think you shouldn't sleep around on your partner even if you aren't married, unless you both agree to it beforehand.

But I didn't need to worry, because facts came out showing that he'd actually cheated on his wife while they were married for a few months. as well as before.

I used to ditch high school and go to Bobby's house (Who was only 16 but had his own apartment) and watch David Letterman when he first started. I thought he was funny, but not in an obsessive way.

I understand that he was tempted by having semi-attractive interns, but please. I don't even feel that sorry for his wife, as she was an intern while he was involved with another woman. People rarely change, and she no doubt knew what he would do, considering that he did it with her. Most people (and men specifically) are able to have exclusive relationships with people. Maybe celebrities think their lives are somehow different?

Funny how the wife hasn't made any statements at all? Maybe she has some class. Or likes his money?

Tiger isn't any Better!

Tiger cheats. Tiger likes Whores and prostitutes. Does anyone care?
I don't think so.

I'm guessing his wife feels otherwise.

I had a relationship once where I found out the person was cheating on me (as far as I know, of my 30 year experience with relationships have not involved cheating) and the first thing I did was to go to a clinic to check out whether I'd 'Caught' anything, even though I'd heard that condom use (which I am a huge supporter of) would make that possibility rare. I luckily came out clean.

I am not a stupid person, and I have read things from female pimps who have said that Tiger requested 'Bareback', meaning no condom.

What kind of jerk does that, and what kind of idiot prostitute does that? I would never have sex with a celebrity without condom use, because they are all essentially whores.

His wife has kept her mouth shut. I can't imagine how humiliating it would be for everyone to know (she's had 2 kids with him) that your husband was having unprotected sex with prostitutes while they were having sex with you. That is so low.


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