Suicide Food

10:02 AM Posted by GloryBug

Using Images of Animals Happily Telling You to Eat Them

I thought I was the only person bothered by commercials and ads using pictures of animals saying "EAT ME!".

Exploitation much?  It's actually not that much different than having ads of women holding baseball bats saying "Beat Me!".  Which, this website, SUICIDE FOOD details in all its horrific glory.  They show ads of animals exhorting you to eat them, sadistic ads of certain animals offering their friends up for the eating, and of the undercurrent of sex and death in the advertising of meat.

It is a VERY interesting and disturbing site.  Visit it.

SNL also did a really good parody covering all those same issues- CLUCKY CHICKEN= he even eats himself!

That said, this morning when I was taking Z to school, I didn't see any prostitutes on the way (surprise, surprise), but I did see an interesting sign.  It was at the same place I'd bought coffee before, and had a drunk black man with yellow eyes approach me and ask if I wanted to 'party' with him. (I had declined).  It's good that Z is in the gifted program, and his school is in a good area, but you have to drive through a pretty dicey area to get there.

Anyway, I saw this sign for fish and chips.  It was hand drawn, and featured a pretty mean, scary looking fish with a huge mouth full of red razor teeth.  And then here's the kicker- the 'artist' had given it a Blow Hole, as in Whale.  Are we to presume that they are serving Whale meat?  Or does the artist think that all fish have big scary red teeth and blowholes?  Have they ever seen a fish?  Maybe the artist was the guy who asked me to party with him at 8am?

Who knows.  I thought it was strange/funny.  But, you should check that site out.


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