Signs of an abusive relationship

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This just in-

This was just posted in one of my favourite crime websites, PYSIH (People You'll See in Hell) (link to follow), and it was so detailed that I wanted to iniclude it here. Here goes-

For those of you who have not experienced the joy of an abusive relationship, here are some warning signs that your beloved is in actuality nuts and may kill you when you try to get away:
1. Has a substance abuse problem in which they turn from Jekyll to Hyde.2. Freaks out if you even hint of dating someone else.3. Starts to show up unannounced after work to say “hi!”4. Goes bananas at the mention of someone else you were dating.5. Makes a big show of “solving your problems” for you without you asking.6. Does everything they can to make you more dependent upon them.7. Moves into your house as soon as humanly possible.
After moving in/marrying you:
1. Begins going through your phone/cellphone messages and demanding to know who they are from.2. Listens in to your phone calls.3. Goes ballistic over wrong number calls, insinuating you are seeing someone.4. Opens and goes through your mail “accidentally.”5. Times your grocery store runs and then says, “That took you way too long. Where did you really go?”6. Times your arrival home from work by the second.7. Makes it perfectly apparent to all your friends that he/she hates them.8. Resents any time whatsoever that you spend outside the house without them.9. Begins to take control of all finances, giving you an “allowance”, all in the name of “saving.”10. Makes life relentlessly miserable for you if you don’t do it “their way.”11. Verbally abuses you, then apologizes.
Critical stage:
1. Begins to physically abuse you, sending you to the doctor.2. Does not let you leave the house without them, then acts like a violent lunatic in public if you are even so much as looked at by someone of the opposite sex.3. Insists that you are having an affair, especially when they’re drunk or high.4. Throws tantrums, specifically destroying sentimental items you love.5. Degrades you verbally in public.6. Goes crazy if you voice the intention to go visit your friends or family. Your friends are all “whores,” “sluts” or “drug addicts;” your family members are all “losers” and “assholes”.7. Attempts to get you fired from your job, to get you to quit your job, or conversely, to give them all the money you make from your job, so that you have no financial resources.8. Takes away or disables your mode of transportation.
When you leave:
1. Literally canvasses the city on foot or by car, looking for you.2. Sits outside your work, waiting for you. Sits outside your friends’ houses, waiting for you. Sits outside your family’s houses, waiting for you.3. Calls you endlessly, begging you to come back, until you change your phone number.4. Contacts people they “think” you had an affair with and threatens to kill them.5. Empties any joint bank accounts and steals any money from you they can.6. Relentlessly stalks you. As time goes by, destroys anything of yours that they have in their possession.7. Begins outright threatening you with physical harm.8. Threatens suicide, saying they can’t live without you.9. Buys a gun and shoots you, reasoning that you have destroyed their life and now you need to be destroyed in turn.
Welcome to my world. Come on in. The water’s warm. And for all you Monday morning quarterbacks, let’s play, “At what point do you think the restraining order would change things?” Clue: When they get out of jail for stalking you under the jurisdiction of the restraining order, they’re so man they’re heading directly over to your pad to blow your head off. They should come with a warning label: EFFECTIVE ONLY AGAINST NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS.


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