Don't Underestimate Your Actions

5:12 PM Posted by GloryBug

Everyone seems to be so aware of how negativity affects our lives, but sometimes it seems the positive doesn't really get it's due.

Because of divorce, I have to share our children. I don't like it for a number of reasons, one of which is that I just miss my boys when they aren't around. And, they're kids- meaning they aren't always thoughtful and considerate and they often 'forget' to call when they aren't with me.

Today, the boys came back, and my eldest wanted me to listen to something he'd downloaded to his phone. He pretty much listens to music I don't listen to- kind of grungy skateboard music. Stuff like System of a Down. I appreciate his music choices even if they aren't my favourite.

Imagine my surprise when the song on his phone was Brandi Carlisle's 'The Story'? I asked him why he'd downloaded it, and he said he had just been missing me. I would have preferred that he'd just called, but it made an impact.

That might be a good thing to do- either do some little thing that will make someone feel good, or be aware when people do little things that show they were thinking of you, and appreciate them. You can hear the song on YouTube Live here-
Maybe it makes more sense to explain that I'm a musician who hasn't played since my kids were born, and that my style of music isn't theirs. It just was really nice, especially since VvonV is not here right now because he's recording the second half of his album right now.


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