Dizzy Feet Foundation or Dizzy Head Holmes?

7:19 PM Posted by GloryBug

Ok, I'll admit that I've never watched Dancing with the Stars, or You think you can dance, or any of those other inane celebrity shows. I do, however like to watch Ballroom dancing competitions and dance theatre productions. I took ballet and tap dance as a teen. In fact, I like watching all kinds of different dancers from around the world. Ethnic dancing is highly underrated. What I don't like, however, is BAD dancing.

So, Imagine my horror...

When I inadvertently stumbled across that creepy YouTube video of Katie Holmes that somehow people have mistaken for dancing and singing! I was actually looking for Shel Silverstein's "Sarah Cynthia Slyvia Stout". OUCH. I have nothing personal against her that I don't have against any other overhyped d-list Hollywoodian. But, for chrissakes- Judy Garland?

Here's my problem with it all- gesturing with your hands, moving your hat, rubbing your thighs, walking back and forth, and winking are not dancing. In the same way that squacking in a studio, having your voice manipulated, autotuned and backed up and then mouthing the words somewhat near what the recording is doing is not singing. And this I know because I am a musician and singer, and my fiance is a musician and singer.

I then had to look up the original video of Judy Garland just to clean my eyes and ears out. That lady might have been a druggie and a drunk, but she had talent singing, dancing and acting, even when obviously high. So sad that Garland's poor son was in the audience.

So what's my point?

Reading other people's comments on the video led me to Dizzy Feet Foundation, (dizzyfeetfoundation.org) a charity supposedly created by the non-dancing Holmes and 3 other people. She supposedly donated her WHOLE $700 something 'appearance fee' to this charity. Wow. I checked out the website and was massively underwhelmed. It is supposedly a charity to help underpriveleged children attend dance academies. No information, no details of the program. There are two links on it asking for donations, though. In the uninspired video that makes up the whole main page, there's lots of people talking about how great dancing is, but nothing about DizzyFeet in particular. One of the founders does state that their goal is to help 10 children a year. TEN!
The website is really amateur and poorly developed. And, it's only a .org.

My question is- why did Katie Holmes have to torture me with her terrible performance, supposedly to raise money for this shady-looking charity, when she and her husband have the megabucks and could afford to fund the entire program themselves? Jeez, they could pay for 100 children just by themselves. How much money do they donate yearly to Scientology which helps nobody?

I have a problem with rich people who give so little in real terms back for what they've gotten. After all, every penny they have is directly from people who watch their movies or shows. Every penny. On top of that, at what point do rich people ever have enough money? Can't they budget? After they've made their first 20 million, can't they find a way to hold onto some of that money through tangible assets? And then say- hmm, I don't really need the rest of this? Maybe I should do something good with it? Lets just say I'm not too impressed that Katie gave her 'performance fee' to the charity. Giving it an additional couple million in financing might have moved me a bit. After all, she could write it off on her taxes, eh?

I don't think about celebrities all that much, or about rich people that much, but every once in a while something assaults my ears and eyes and forces me to. Which annoys the crap out of me. Then I just try to remember how little-known it is that Benny Hill not only made a lot of people laugh, but he actually did something with his money. So now I'm going to go look up some old Benny Hill videos and remind myself of the good old days when performers actually had talent, and when some of them used their money for more worthwile ventures than Scientology.

Just saying.


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