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In my efforts to educate myself in my endeavor to get my (now) approximate 5 websites to be more professional, informative, and more financially productive, I have read quite a bit of "The Upstart Blogger". It has some good information. One of his posts made me think I should register and save my children's .com names on the internet, although the editor himself didn't say that, one of the comments to his blog did.

Some of the latest posts are promoting a 5-step program called the "Twitter Rocket".

I read all I could about it on the website, then I Googled it.

There were a couple of Google hits where it was obvious that the people had taken The Upstart Blogger up on the 5-step Program, and had purchased the $95 some-odd dollar program.

Not one of them had any hard stats to say what the program did for them financially.

The Sell

The thing about Twitter Rocket is that it is supposed to really help you tweak your Twitter traffic by using it consistently. But what it consists of, as far as I can tell, is:

1: Information. A 5 step approach to managing your Twitter contacts in a financially positive way.

2: An Affiliate program. You buy the program for about $95, and then you make links to it on your site and promote it on your site with the hopes that people will sign up for Twitter Rocket and you'll get a %50 commission.

Nothing wrong with that.

I'm just having a hard time figuring out what's so special about it.

I have written journals, blogs and websites for years now, in the past for fun, lately for more focussed financial reasons, and I've avoided using Facebook, MySpace and other marketing tools to artificially pump my readership. Yet I've always had a pretty decent readership.

I don't have a Twitter account. And I am ambivelent about getting one. I'm just not that keen on social platforms that remind me of high school popularity contests.

I guess it just sounds like a ton of other repackaged popularity contests. At this point I'd rather be less popular and have people read my sites because they like what I write.

The exception to this, of course, is the 'get rich quick on the internet' thing. People who are willing to shell out $95 in order to be able to get 1/2 of all of the $95 their site will bring to Twitter Rocket are a different story. It's a valid way to make a living- until the next best thing comes along. It's good for people who want to make money on the internet while putting in the minimum they need. That's ok.

But, I'm not that person. I'm slower, and more introspective. And, I'm a writer and an artist. So, essentially I'd like any money I make to somehow relate to that. Making a million on generic internet enterprises would make it difficult to claim that I am an artist, a musician and a writer.

It's all personal taste, I guess.

What I am going to do is follow this Twitter Rocket, and report any results that show up in Google regarding actual financial rewards for buying into it. It's hard to believe it can last for any long term. We'll see. Good thing I have a curious mind, eh?

Oh- I wanted to add, a few of the Google links I saw already had the website people tacking on their own fees or manipulating the so-called program. And it hasn't been out of the turnstile very long at all.

I am fully aware of the fact that plenty of people will not be happy about this post and may have negative things to say about it, but I will say the same thing that the editor of Upstart Blogger himself has said- I don't care. I am going to be honest about my opinions.



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