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3:44 AM Posted by GloryBug

Ah, the poor 'Hannah' that I dissed on so badly...

One of the 15 few people trying to market this lead biscuit says this-

"(UPDATE: The top affiliate doesn't do one of the tips mentioned, because she already has a blog. Anyway, I will make tests in the coming weeks using the "I don't have a blog yet" approach.)"

There is only one top 'she' affiliate, and that's 'Hannah'. And, yeah, she doesn't really have a blog or a site. Because Twitter Rocket doesn't need you to have a site because the whole deal is just you pushing the non-existent non-millionaire-making non-business.

I challenge ANYONE to show proof here that anyone has made money with this eBook.

I will interview you, and I will be nice. I already know I will not be taken up on the offer.


  1. Luke Davis said...

    I've already offered to be interviewed but you seem to be ignoring me.

  2. Luke Davis said...

    Here's another person that is currently making $400 a week with Twitter Rocket.

  3. Bruce said...

    I'm intrigued why you have taken a run at a product, that from my experience does what it promises, i.e. grow your Titter follower list.

    You seem to think that one has to be making money from selling the same ebook...not true, that's an option only.

    Have you even purchased the ebook?

    Why not take a run at the scads of automated, junky, "systems" that a zillion Twitterers are touting, & leave a decent product alone.

  4. Luke Davis said...

    I'm still waiting. Still ready to be interviewed. And still making money while you moan and bellyache.

    Bruce is right. I bet you haven't even read the book.

  5. Luke Davis said...

    Still waiting. What's the matter? Upset that your other site got closed down?

  6. GloryBug said...

    Luke Davis- Has anyone ever told you that when you are repetitive for no reason, it's rude? I don't know where you live, or what time it is there, or why you think I'm on my computer 24/7.

    I am in California, if that helps. Also, like other people with Fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr, I am not able to sleep from 10pm to 6am. I sleep for 3-4 hours at a time throughout the day and night. I am sorry I was so rude to have been sleeping while you were sending so many comments.

    I have said I am interested in interviewing anyone who has purchased and is presently using the Twitter Rocket. I am going to want proof of certain things-- such as that the eBook was actually purchased. Anyone who is interested should let me know how they'd like me to get ahold of them, and how they'd like to approach it.

  7. GloryBug said...

    "Why not take a run at the scads of automated, junky, "systems" that a zillion Twitterers are touting, & leave a decent product alone."

    Bruce- Over time, I probably will. But before then, I'll probably have found something else I find interesting enough to dissect. I don't have a personal thing against the Twitter Rocket per se, but I do have a fascination with how people act and are affected by prospects of making money. I am always interested when something appears to not quite be what it's trying to. I'd like to interview you as well- I have a feeling you'd be a tad less annoying than some other people.

  8. Luke Davis said...

    GloryBug, or whatever your real name is, you didn't answer my question or Bruce's question.

    Have your purchased Twitter Rocket?

    How do you feel about your other site, the one that posted bogus negative reviews, being taken offline?

  9. GloryBug said...

    "How do you feel about your other site, the one that posted bogus negative reviews, being taken offline?"

    Um, I have never had another site taken offline. And I don't post bogus negative reviews. I would love to buy the Twitter Rocket once I see REAL, positive, verifiable reviews for it. Buying it before then would only prove that I'm a sucker.

    I'd love to be given a reviewable product the way I'm given products to review on my other sites. I have a feeling that will never happen because there is a chance I might review it unfavourably. That in and of itself is suspicious.

    If the product is rock-solid, and if I follow it to the letter and it delivers, there's no reason I should't be given a copy to review. However, if it isn't...

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