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6:09 PM Posted by GloryBug

I have recently been sent a personal email answering some of the questions that I've asked. He has posted them on his site.

Another person answered my questions but did not contact me, nor let me know he'd posted them on his site.

Those links can be found here "Twitter Rocket"
and here "Why I'm using Twitter Rocket"

I know that some of the Twitter Rocket people do not like one of these links, But I can personally attest that I do not personally know either of these people in any way. I thought that their answers appeared honest and neither negative or positive. They appeared to be open and willing to see how the product will work for them. I hope they keep me updated on how it progresses for them.

Anyone else can do as they did- either answer questions in an email, or post their answers on their own site. As long as the questions being answered are the questions I posted, I will provide links to them from here- whether I agree with their answers or not.

I understand that people have offered to be interviewed- but they have not volunteered to answer my questions. The only people who have are the two people I cite here.

Some people may wonder why one of my questions was whether TR users were musicians. I simply asked because it appeared an inordinant amount of people who were musicians, and I and my fiancee are also musicians. Is there something about it that appeals to musicians? Some of my questions may not have appealed to people. That's why I asked for suggestions for questions.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this works out for them.


  1. Luke Davis said...

    What a surprise! The people you have linked to are your vegetarian buddy and the Philippine guy again.

    Do you know anyone else?

    Or are you still blocking everyone else's comments?

    Here's the funny thing - both of them claim to have not had success with Twitter Rocket but both confess to not following the instructions in the book!!

    So, they buy the book, decided to IGNORE it's advice, and then moan when it doesn't work as well as it does for the people that follow the instructions.

    People like you and Manuel are pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

    The FACTS are that the system works id you follow it to the letter. It's working for me and it works for others like me.

    I've responded to your email but you ignore me.

    I've posted comments here and on Manuel's blogs but he deletes them - probably too scared of the truth.

    Pathetic cowards.

    Haven't you stopped to wonder why all of this criticism is all coming from one place? Manuel Viloria / Colleen whatever your name is.

  2. Hector Ruiez said...

    This is funny.

    Manuel Viloria (the guy that is rubbishing this product all over the internet under various false names) is a known con man but you support him by linking to him.

    Are you crazy?

  3. Dan said...

    I've used Twitter Rocket for about a month now and I've been successful in increasing my followers dramatically.

    I've been successful in directing my followers to destinations of my choice such my blog, my web site or even the TR affiliate page - in turn, generating a return.

    Twitter Rocket works by ensuring that your followers are targeted, that they are relevant to your niche, your business or your interests.

    To be honest, I think TR is well worth the money, it's not an ebook telling you something you already know from someone that will never speak to you. I've emailed Ashley a few times and I've always received a quick, helpful reply.

    By the way - I'm not a musician, I'm an IT Consultant. :-)

  4. GloryBug said...

    Luke Davis- I would like to have a way to respond to you, but I don't.

    So essentially, you can continue to keep saying untruthful things about me on my own blog, but I have no way to respond to you. Not exactly cool.

  5. GloryBug said...

    Dan- if you want to share your long-term experience with us, I am very happy to give you the space to do it. Just keep commenting.

  6. GloryBug said...

    Hector Ruiez-
    Haven't seen you on the ad campaign. You on board?

  7. GloryBug said...

    Strange how I am supposedly blocking comments- yet negative comments are posted here. It might make you think people allow comments. Especially since they don't delete them.

    Truth is truth.

  8. @teh_s3quence said...

    luke. you are making yourself look like the six figure douchebag. seriously, just stop it.

    don't claim you know anything about my experience using twitter rocket before you even read the effing post.

    had you read the post, you would know that my answers were responding to her questions immediately upon PURCHASING THE BOOK.

    since then, i have seen a marked increase in my followers, and, yes, i have made my own tweaks to the system.

    you're only discrediting yourself and the product you're using to earn your six figure income by posting like a dickwad before even reading what other people have to say.

    read my blog. it's right here

    i bought twitter rocket.
    i use it.
    it works.

    you want proof that i use it and it's working for me? okay, right here:

    don't start slamming your allies, dude. it's really not cool. you want to hear the grand tale of how glorybug and i got to be "vegetarian buddies"? here it is, in its entirety. are you ready?

    1. i wrote a blog post about how i wanted to try to devise my own system to grow my twitter following. you can read it (you CAN read, right?) here:

    2. glorybug found it and posted this in the comments:
    Let me know how that works for you. I have been writing about the Twitter Rocket here-
    I'll be interested in finding out how your experiment goes.

    3. i started reading and following her blog. i posted a few comments. i discovered the comments box was broken, but not without a workaround (which obviously you've found as well). i assume she's been reading my blog as well, although she hasn't posted any other comments.

    and there you have it. it's a grand old tale, no?

    your inflammatory comments just for the sake of being inflammatory are really getting on my nerves. and now you want to bring me into your catfight? really? let's roll.

  9. GloryBug said...

    Thank you for your comment. The 4 comments with my name on them before you were obviously not written by me, as I first of all do not use people's real names, and secondly, I NEVER use language that is essentially 'calling out' people, or inviting them to have conflict with me.

    It would be silly of me to claim that someone can comment to me here, but that I can't 'find' them. I can and have found almost all of the people involved with the Twitter Rocket. The internet is pretty useful, y'know? The difference is that I do not post personal information about other people that they have not already offered as a way to internet bitch-slap. Only cowards do that.

    As far as reading your blog- yes, I have been. Just because I don't comment does not mean I have not been reading you. I am glad to hear that the eBook has been working fot you, and will be glad to report here any of your experiences with it.

    I am glad to hear that you are a vegetarian- not sure how the Twitter Rocket people knew that and I did not, but it just goes to show that cool people eventually find each other. I'm quite obviously out of the closet with being Vegan/vegetarian. When I get my newest veggie website up, I'll contact you about linking up.

    I learned a long time ago that it is stupid to be defensive and vindictive, so I try my best not to. It is sad that others have not learned this yet.

    Although it does annoy me how mean people can be for no reason, I do think it is highly inventive for someone to have figured out how to jack my comments. They made a good attempt at copying my own brand of sarcasm- but failed. My fiancee laughed when I showed them to him.

    Above all- have a sense of humour... which for me means- I can't wait to see what "I'll" say next in my comments!

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

  10. GloryBug said...

    BTW- I think it's funnier than hell that when I supposedly posted the above comments, I was actually *ahem* "spending time" with my fiancee, and then going out to buy toilet paper and cat food. Kind of hard to post comments when you're involved with 'activities'.
    Obviously, right now I'm NOT involved with any activity other than posting this comment.

  11. chris (@teh_s3quence) said...

    wow. that is low. i just sort of skimmed those because i was peeved by luke's comment...

    re: veg -- i think i mentioned at some point in a comment something along the lines of "people think we're nuts for being vegetarian" ;)

  12. chris (@teh_s3quence) said...

    you're a busy one, aren't you? wish i could clone myself...

  13. GloryBug said...

    I am busy. I wish I could clone myself, because then I could clone my beloved VvonV.. and then...

    Oh wait. That wouldn't work at all. They'd just be 'ehem' 'busy' all the time, and then who the heck would do all the cleaning?

    Cross the whole clone thing off my list, sigh.


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