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The Dearth of Quality Products

I recently bought a Dell Studio 14z from Best Buy, to replace my antiquidated 4100.

I have been pretty happy with Dell products- not so much their products per se, but the fact that over the years I have been able to easily repair any problems they've had. It has been pretty easy to use eBay to buy cheap broken Dell laptops to cannibalize to fix my old ones. I've been able to learn how to pull the entire assebly apart down to the motherboard and swap out parts. It's been a cheap way to provide my children with their own laptops to play games on.

But recently, they've all decided to bite the dirt, and when mine finally ate it, I decided to buy a new one. I can only work at the office desk Dell for about an hour before it's too painful to continue. I really do need a laptop.

I'll write a review later after I get my 2nd Studio 14z- the first one crapped out in 3 weeks. I'd like to say at this point that Best Buy did not initially want to exchange my new laptop for one that works- claiming that their 14 day return policy is because technology changes quickly, and they want to discourage people from trying to abuse the exchange policy by upgrading. My first thought was... technology changes in 14 days?

But, they did eventually agree to give me a new laptop, so I'll withhold my review until I see how this new one works. Hopefully it works.

On a different note, I've noticed that once again, the same Twitter Rocket people have posted comments, claiming that I'm blocking people and not allowing them to comment here. (?) They also claim that they have personally emailed me, answered the online questions I posted, and that I have not responded.

If there's one thing I don't like (besides cruelty to animals, children, or people in general, sporthunting, telemarketing spam... hmm, my list is longer than I thought), it's people being untruthful.

I also don't really like people spitefully posting personal information about other people on the internet, which is why I do not do so, even though I do know who the individual people are who are claiming some of this. If they feel the need to spitefully do so to me, when I have previously stated I don't feel that is safe, as I have children- that is their choice. I will not call them out, or even use their internet handles.

I will say, once again, that it is absolutely untruthful that I block anyone's comments. I have made it clear that I do not know how to do that, and that I don't even know how to fix the complaints they have about my comments page being unweildy. And that I have not gotten personal emails answering the questions I asked, other than the 2 I've cited. I do not know the 2 people I linked to, and it is manipulative and disingenious to claim that I do. To be honest, I cannot link to anyone else, because I have not been able to find one comprehensive 'review' about the Twitter Rocket that answers the questions I've asked. Ads and promos are not reviews.

If anyone truly believes they have previously sent me emails answering the specific questions I asked- please send them again- making sure to show proof of when it was originally sent, and to where.

I thought the Twitter Rocket looked like an interesting product- though not one I need- which is why I started following it's progress. I was hoping it would get more interesting, but other than the personalities involved, it hasn't.

Odds and Ends

I received a request to follow on Twitter by someone who had only posted one tweet in a month. It simply said- follow me. That person had over 2000 followers in one month.

Both of the people the Twitter People are complaining about as being negative appear to me to still be using or promoting the product. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm glad that one of them supposedly is vegetarian- I did not know that. One of the comments here was from a Vegan stating he would 'block my follow' (I don't think I was following them) because of my opinions here. It should be no surprise that I have a Vegan/vegetarian following here, because I am honest about the fact that I am Vegan/vegetarian. There really are more of us than you think. And we aren't out to rule the world.

Maybe just to make it a nicer place for everything that lives on this world.

That said- post negative and untruthful comments, if you must (you'll notice I have not deleted any of them), but if you really feel the need, contact me by email.

Two last things- the number of viewers of this blog have only increased by about a handful because of my postings about the Twitter Rocket. It jumped quite a bit when I posted about my annoyance of all the ads supposedly telling us what Obama wants us to do. I really don't see this topic as increasing in interest. Which is too bad, because I did want to follow it.

And- it does not look good when you search Twitter for "Twitter Rocket", and see ten tweets in a row by different people using the exact same wording, essentially advertising for the product. Ten different detailed reviews of how (with proof) it has helped anyone would be much more powerful. Canned repeat ads only degrade the reputation of a product.


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