WTF Twittter Rocket people?

2:24 AM Posted by GloryBug

Enough with the vindictive crap.
Bad enough that you felt the need to put my RL name on the internet, when I did not do that to you, and I have young children.

But to post in my own comments, using my name, and using other people's real names is low.

Hacking into someone else's blog is something only lowlifes would do.

So I am now going to officially say that Twitter Rocket must be a scam, because only scammers would hijack someone's comments.

What a bunch of losers. Don't believe me? Any comment that directly addresses someone else by their RL name is not a comment by me. I don't do shit like that. How long before your loser 15 followers figure out how to make blog posts in my name?

You should figure out who hijacked my comments, because whoever did just lost the Twitter Rocket people the teensiest amount of respect I might have had for them.

Anyone who has read this or any other blog of mine will realize there is no way I made the comments using people's real names. I'm going to copy the comments, so if you also know how to delete them, I will have copies and proof. And since I don't know yet how to delete comments, they'll be here for everyone to see exactly how desperate the Twitter Rocket people are..

Really pathetic and sad.


  1. chris (@teh_s3quence) said...

    what was it this time?

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