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5:54 PM Posted by GloryBug

Is the Twitter Rocket a Scam?

I asked this very question in a previous post. Sad to say, I am really pretty sure that it is. If it isn't, then it's just a poorly designed 'get-rich-quick-scheme'.

I had previously thought maybe it could be a new 'Pet Rock' kind of flash-in-the-pan, but now I don't even think it will rate like that. It's outlook appears dismal.
Here's why-

Any new venture needs lots of buzz. Meaning lots of people are talking about it. And there aren't very many people talking about it, no matter how the few people talking about it are trying to hype it. As far as I can tell, only about 15 people are writing about it on their blogs or on Twitter.

Of those 15, about 5 are located in the UK, and really appear to be related. Friends, perhaps? Three are in Canada and appear to be accounts by a husband/wife team, and 2 are from one guy in Germany. Only 2 people appear to be from the US.

The Twitter Rocket hype is that using this eBook will result in tons of relevent Twitter followers. That would be a cool thing. The problem is, that I have been folowing the Twitter accounts of the people tweeting about the Twitter Rocket, and their claims of Twitter followers, and the math does not add up. For instance, they make claims that their followers have gone up 500-100 in a week, yet their numbers do not show that.

All of the people tweeting about the fantastic numbers of followers they've gotten have from between 200-1750 followers, with most below 700- except for two...
The founder of the Twitter Rocket, MorganZero (at following 9539 and being followed 8731 respectively) and BloggingHannah (at following 12,181 and being followed 11,570). Those are some strange numbers, especially since BloggingHannah is an under 20 girl with no viable or meaningful website. MorganZero has a long-term website, so that makes more sense.

Then, you look at the websites of all the people hyping the Twitter Rocket. The majority of them are brand-new, started within the last 2 months or so. Looking through all their posts (the few they have) it becomes clear that they were started in order to promote the product, and that their first couple of posts were filler. While they all make unfounded claims, only one bothers to provide any proof. They have little to zero comments or feedback on any of their sites.

BloggingHannah claims to be making over $1000 a day. Even if it was $1k a week or even a month, this is unlikely simply because of the nature of the eBook it's based on. If even 10 people a month were buying this eBook from her, and the eBook essentially tells you how to get more followers on Twitter in order to send tweets to and sell the eBook to, there would be at least 10 new people tweeting about the eBook they bought, and trying to get people to follow them and buy it. But there aren't 10 new people. There is a core group of 15 people trying to make it look like there tons more. I also find the BloggingHannah persona interesting, as she claims to be a teenaged girl. She blogged for 6 weeks in late 2008 before getting kicked off her host for lying about her age. One of her posts recommended teenagers quit school to make money online. Not very responsible, so she may in fact be a teenager. Reading through her few posts, it is hard to see how she could have 11,500 followers of ANYTHING, as she hasn't done or said anything of importance, other than criticise some other marketing guru. Yet supposedly, she immediately caught the eye of the owner of The Upstart Blogger? I don't see that, unless she was starring in 'Girls Gone Wild'.

And, as far as criticising marketing gurus, I'm doing that here, and it hasn't brought me much of anything. Which is all well and good, since that's not my point. My goal is to learn how to make a living the best way for ME, and to report about the funny things I come across on the way. The Twitter Rocket has been very entertaining for me so far.


  1. Luke Davis said...

    It works for me. I make money with it. There are plenty of people using it successfully. I know because I've met them online as part of the support network that Ashley Morgan offers with the product.

    You take a potshot at Hannah claiming she doesn't have a website and then later in your post talk about her blog which has been online for over a year.

    If you approve this comment I'm happy to show you many other examples of bloggers, and non bloggers, who are using Twitter Rocket.

    People like you can throw stones all day long but it doesn't stop the fact that there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who make money and those who bellyache about the ones who make money.

    Looks like you are in the latter category.

  2. Luke Davis said...

    Wow. You approved the comment. I'm amazed.

    As promised, here is a link to someone who is making currently making a lot of money with Twitter Rocket but wants to make even more.

  3. GloryBug said...

    Why wouldn't I approve of a comment? I'm a fair person. And there's always 2 sides to a story.

    I checked out the link you provided. Problem is, the link is the same as all the other links. It claims to have made money, but provides no proof.

    It's also a new site, and it's only posts are about the Twitter Rocket.

  4. Ian W. Parker said...

    I'll be interested to see if Jason Francis actually agrees to your interview request, GloryBug.

    I would not call Twitter Rocket a scam so much as a scheme. First off, there's the cost of the method itself. So let's assume you go directly to the source and pay $97 directly to UpstartBlogger for the Twitter Rocket eBook. UB makes that $97.

    Now you decide to start a web site and you use (as recommended by UB) AN Hosting with the UB promo code. UB gets another $85.

    Now let's say you decide to become an affiliate of the Twitter Rocket program. You sign up using UB's links to the PayDotCom site (which are affiliate links) and UB earns another $20 just for your account creation to be an affiliate.

    At the end of the Twitter Rocket program, UB has the potential to earn $202 (minus any applicable fees) per person. Not bad. Of course, every person will not necessarily do all three, but the potential is there.

    So, I would not say it is a scam so much as a good marketing setup. Of course, if the product were not delivered or complete, then it would qualify as a scam. I am not willing to risk the money at this time, however, as UB does not offer a money-back guarantee or satisfaction guarantee of any sort, and I'm not willing to go the Paypal dispute route if I am unsatisfied.

    Whatever happens with it, flash in the pan or not, it is likely to earn the maker a little cash injection just from the publicity surrounding it, both good and bad.

  5. Jonathon Sanders said...

    You really are dumb aren't you?

    Read the book. Then tell people what you think.

    You claim only 2 people have a high following, explain this -

    14,000 followers using Twitter Rocket.

    You keep knocking Hannah but you can't escape the fact that she has over 14,000 followers!

    Twitter Rocket claims to rocket your followers. And the people using it have rocketed follower counts. Seriously, why are even trying to pick holes in it when it obviously does what it says it does.

    Having 14,000 followers is EASILY enough to make $1,000 a day. EASILY. Whichever way you look at it.

    How many followers do you have Colleen? 10, maybe 100. You are hardly in any position to criticize.

    This jealousy, plain and simple. You are picking on Hannah simply because she is younger than you and more successful than you. And like Hannah says on her blog I bet that drives you insane.

  6. Ashley Cooper said...

    It's simple really: the product works. It does what it says. So, I don't see how it can be a scam. It'd be better for you to get the guide before criticizing, because it's a bit like writing a bad review of a movie you haven't seen.

    Also, use Twitter Counter, or a similar service, to see the amounts of followers affiliates are gaining. I usually get 150 per 24 hours, and the majority of them are highly relevant to me. I have many strong contacts thanks to this.

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