Twitter Challenge

6:35 PM Posted by GloryBug

I give up!

I have been resisting the whole Twitter thing. Probably because I am not an extro-vert, and I'm not always on the prowl for new 'Friends'. Also, I have a different interpretation of 'friends'. I do have the nominal myspace for keeping in touch with real friends, but I do not use it to promote any of my sites or businesses. That's probably why those people are still my friends!

However, this Twitter Rocket thing has pushed me over the edge, and now I'm curious.

I opened up my first Twitter account yesterday, under the name of veganorama. I'll be posting here regularly with stats on how well I can develop followers without the use of MLM schemes or eBooks. In fact, I'm going to approach it the old 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' way.

In addition, I am going to make sure that not only do I develop 'quality' followers, but that I figure out something useful to do with them. What good is it to have a bunch of followers just to be popular? It can't be something scammy, because then you'll go through followers like used toilet paper. No- it has to be something where I give them a reason to go to my sites, and to (as a result) guide a few extra bucks my way. So I'll also be trying to track how my Twitter account affects my web traffic and any revenue. I'm pretty sure I don't need an eBook to figure out how to connect with people who share the same interests with me.

I started yesterday, and within a short time had 6 people following me. I did one tweet- about a baby squirrel I found. That website had an increase in views by 25 yesterday. Today I have 9 people following me. Most have sent me email messages, and all appear to be my perfect target audience.

We'll see. I'll try to update on this daily- while I'm juggling everything else. Whooo.


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