6:49 PM Posted by GloryBug

I wanted to add that one of the reasons I went with JustHost was that after reading all the reviews, good and bad (and there are both), I liked that I could host as many websites as I want from them for the same price as my initial site. Yes, you do have to register the site. But you have to do that anywhere. This appeals to me because if the site works out well I'd like to transfer all my sites to them so they're all in the same place. Plus I have a couple more sites I'm planning- and I've decided to register my children's names as sites now. They have pretty unusual but interesting names, and if or when in the next 10 years they decide to have their own websites, I don't want to have to but their name from someone who has squatted on their site for years.

Some people have been grumpy about feeling misled about the hosting. I thought they were very clear- they will HOST all of your websites for the same price- but you do actually have to register them, same as anywhere else. Essentially you're just saving by not having to pay separate hosting fees. If your intention is to squat on site names, I'm sure there's a cheaper route to go.


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