Twitter Rocket Update

11:22 AM Posted by GloryBug

I have been trying to follow the Twitter Rocket marketing plan on the internet and on Twitter, but really haven't gotten anywhere with it.

I can't really see where it has any momentum.

I have offered to do interviews and have posted questions, but honestly, nobody has replied taking me up on the offer.

As far as I can tell, it appears there's the same small core of people involved that were originally promoting the product. If the product worked as well as claimed, I would expect that group to have grown. If the number of sales that core group of people are claiming to have made were tangible, it seems like there would be more buzz just from the extra number of people trying to sell the product.

Once again, I will reiterate that I have not bought the eBook, and am not criticising it's content. It's very possible that it can give you 10,000 Twitter followers. I'm just not getting any responses from people telling me that it's happened for them, or how that's increased their income.

I would like to add that I think it's funny that I have been criticised for critisising the Twitter Rocket- which is funny because the two major promoters of the Twitter Rocket have made very public criticisms of other Twitter 'projects', or 'money-making ventures' if you will.

I find this funny because I have nothing vested in anything to do with Twitter. In fact, I find Twitter to be a bit unweildy as far as building a client base, since I actually have to review each person's links in order to determine if they would be a good match for products I may want to sell. I don't believe in spam. One good thing about Twitter that I have found is that people who have like interests have been able to find me.

I'm still waiting for any Twitter Rocket user to email me with responses to the publicly posted questions, or to provide a more personal view of how it has worked well for them.


  1. David Montgomery said...

    I have emailed you. Many other Twitter Rocket users have emailed you as well. And my friends and I (all happy Twitter Rocket users, all happily making plenty of money with the program) have tried to leave comments on your blog which, up until now it would seem, you have blocked.

    If you look around you will find thousands of people using the program and 2 people trash talking it.

    The trash talkers are you (and you have a reputation for being wrong - for instance, you seem to think that you can catch swine flu from eating pork!) and some guy called Manuel Viloria (who has a reputation for pushing scams like 'the lazy affiliates guide to riches' and those blog spam things that clog up the internet).

    So, thousand of happy users, all doing well with the program, plus the thousands who are happy but keep quite about it (since not everyone has to shout about their success to prove they are successful) against a fool who doesn't understand the basics of biology and a spam hustler who pushes internet junk.

    I've blocked both of you on Twitter so I don't have to put up with your sad prattling any longer.

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