Twitter Example

11:44 AM Posted by GloryBug

Today I saw that I have a number of people who have 'followed' me on Twitter. But when I check them out, one is obviously a teenager who babbles about nothing, and a couple are nothing more than spam bots. So I block them. A few are people who are involved with the environment, or are vegetarian or vegan, and quite obviously the kind of people that I would be able to market a product to- so I follow them.

I have recently contracted to develop a website that directly deals with what I know about- organic gardening and ponding. So when my website gets up and running, these people on Twitter will be the perfect people to market to.

That's why I question the whole 'mass-marketing' on Twitter. Because I can't see logically how tweeting to 10,000 non-interested people could be a good service of my time. I guess what I really question about the Twitter Rocket marketing is that you could end up with 10,000 targeted audiences. How? From the little experience I've gotten on Twitter, I've had to hand-pick each follower. I'm just asking.


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