Twitter Update

4:07 AM Posted by GloryBug

I now have 92 followers. I have not personally tried to get any followers. Every one of them are people who are key people that I could sell a product to, that I know they'd be interested in, and they found me.

Of those 92 followers, there have to have been 4 times the number of people that I have blocked. I know this because I have personally checked out the links/websites of every person I've chosen to follow. Which makes me question how helpful it would be for me to have 10,000 followers. It doesn't seem likely that I'd be able to check out all 10,000 people to make sure they were the kind of people I want to be linked to.

My interests are pretty specific. I won't link to anyone who makes money from animal exploitation. Essentially I am left with people who are vegetarian or vegan, which is fine by me. They are absolutely the proper pool of people that I could sell products I believe in to. I really do not see how having 10,000 Twitter followers in a couple of weeks would be helpful for me. How would I sort them out? It would be pointless to have that number of followers who were not vegetarian/vegan.

As it stands, I am very happy with the small number of Twitter followers who absolutely share a belief or lifestyle that I do. I know that every one of them will have an interest in something I would be selling.

So I can see the usefullness of Twitter. I just can't see the usefullness of having 10,000 bland connections.


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