You have AIDS. Or not. Or maybe?

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Don't know if you have AIDS or the Swine Flu?
Well, apparently this author doesn't, either. How to Learn Absolutely Nothing About AIDS. Which is sad, considering that they wrote a 'help' article titled "How to know if you have AIDS". This has to be one of the most irresponsible articles I've ever read.
I understand the mentality of writers on eHow, because I have written articles for them. This author has managed to get on page one of a search 'How to know if you have AIDS". And they are sprinkled with Google ads for AIDS testing, which probably pay very well. But the information they provide is for shit.

Here is an article about how to clean a pond filter for comparison. It was written by me. It should be easy to see that the article actually tells you how to do what is claimed in the title. It also lists warnings. And, in the resources section, there are links to other sites that may be helpful about the same topic.

Today in the news it was presented that from 60-90 thousand people (mostly children) will die this fall from the Swine Flu. It seems important that people be able to tell the difference between flu symptoms and AIDS. But, that's just me. Picky.

One interesting thing that has come out about the Swine Flu- they are finally saying WHO has more of a risk of having the Swine Flu be fatal- people with underlying health problems such as Diabetes, Immune Disorders, Neurological disorders and respiratory problems. Since I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Epstein Barr, I have everything except the diabetes. You can bet I'll be making my kids wash their hands when I pick them up from school.

I guess I should feel lucky that I do not have to rely on articles like the one above to be able to tell if me or my family suffers from a Flu or AIDS.

However, in this "AIDS" article, the links provided are for weight loss, spinal surgery and back pain. No links to any real help about AIDS. But all well-known good paying links. I find that really sad.

My children are not teens yet. But I talk to them honestly about things like sex and diseases. But when they're in their teens, they might get a sense of modesty that doesn't allow them to ask me things directly like they do now. I'd like to think that the information they'd find on the internet was helpful and factual. I cringe thinking what they would not learn about AIDS from this article.

If you are interested in the origins of AIDS, a really good book that posits a reasonable scenario is Aids and the Doctors of Death. Other books on a similar topic are The Plague Dogs and Doctor Rat.


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