Obama Urges You to Jump off a Cliff

2:45 AM Posted by GloryBug

What Would Obama Do? (WWOD)

Obama wouldn't really urge me to jump off a cliff, would he?
Well, lately, I'm beginning to think maybe so.

I have recently begun to realize that I am highly irritated by the spammy ads on almost every web page exhorting people to do what Obama tells them to. Obama urges homeowners to refinance. Obama urges Moms to go back to school. (Note how there's no apstrophe in 'Moms'. It's called proper punctuation, folks!).

Tonight I got a bit peevish about all the things Obama is urging me to do, because it's coming across quite bossy. So I Googled 'Obama Urges'... and yes, typing that into the searchbox did give me the willies, but here's some of the results----

Obama urges renewed Mideast peace talks
Obama urges African democracy
Obama urges quick action on insurance
Obama urges patience on stimulus plan
Obama urges taxing wealthy
Obama urges 100mil for Mexican drug war
Obama urges religious leaders to speak truth

In fact, there were 4,570,000 matches for the term "Obama urges". 4,570,000 !!!!

Man, that guy has a lot of 'urges'! I guess that kind of supports what the ads say- that Obama really does want me to refinance my home, and that as a mom, he wants me to go back to school. The problem is, why should I care what kind of urges Obama has? Don't get me wrong- I'm ok with him being in the White House. It's doubtful he could do any better or worse than the buffoons that came before him or surely will come after him. But why should I care what he wants just because he's in the White House?

Maybe I'm just suspicious of his sudden interest in me, and my life, personally. Then I thought- that's silly. Of course he's not targeting just me.

So I searched the term "Obama urges banks to refinance homes at the price they'd sell them for at a bankruptcy auction", and I was shocked, I mean shocked, to find there were only 400 or so word hits, none of which were direct matches.
And then when I Googled "Obama urges Monsanto to be truthful about how dangerous their chemical and GM products really are" and "Obama urges Monsanto to stop trying to control the seed banks and ruin farmers" received only 250 and 750 word hits respectively, with no direct matches.

What can this mean? Surely Obama would never urge me to do things for the betterment of our society without asking large corporations to do the same, would he? I'm all confused.

I think I'm going to ignore him. When I was in the 7-8th grades, I used to regularly tell my mother about all the things Jamie Jones said I/we should do. Like wear high heels with shorts, or go unsupervised to older kids' house parties. Her answer was always the same-- "Would you jump off a cliff if Jamie Jones told you to?"

So I guess the question is, would you jump off a cliff if Obama (or anyone else) told you to?


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