Passive Earning

9:53 AM Posted by GloryBug

Passive Earning- What's up With That?

I get the whole idea of passive earning in the context that it makes money after you've made the effort. But it really isn't passive. It should be called 'deferred earning'. In fact, I think that's what I'll call it from now. Everybody loves a new buzzword.

But Deferred Earning is more correct. I got a big boost in earnings yesterday from something I wrote a couple of months ago. No idea why. The point is that when I wrote it I made nothing. What I'm making on it now is not passive, it's either retroactive or deferred. Actually, now I'm leaning towards retroactive. Claiming that it's passive is just hype.

Truth is that writers just don't make what they used to. Neither do copywriters, editors, proofreaders, etc. I don't make anything near what I used to on a once off basis, or as a salaried job. So it kind of seems silly to claim that I make money 'passively' when what it really means is that I don't get paid up front anymore to write, but that if I set things up the right way I can write for free and get paid for it later. Now when I write I'm actually getting paid retroactively- but still not as much as I used to make.

I came across a very recommended site for posting articles for pickup. I looked in one category that I have expertise in- ponds. I was very surprised to see that on the first page were two articles with the same topic- turtles in ponds. The part that was surprising was that the first and fourth articles were essentially clones. The secondary one had copied essentially everything in the first- just shifting aroung the content and using synonyms. And this is a very respected site for writers and for people looking for content. Not very trust-inspiring. The worst part was that the site had no provision for reporting plagiarism. And they are one of the leading sites for writers/content.

The proliferation of the non-content driven turnkey website is really garbaging up the internet. Sad.


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