Preliminary Questions for Twitter Rocket users

8:29 AM Posted by GloryBug

Twitter Rocket Interviews

I have received a few replies from Twitter Rocket users stating that they'd be willing to be interviewed about their experience with the Twitter Rocket. I did ask all of them for suggestions of questions they'd like asked, but did not get any responses. So until then, I thought I'd go ahead and post the questions I'd like answered.

How did you hear about the Twitter Rocket, and when?
Did you hear about it from people who were known to you, either through the internet or in person?
Do you personally know anyone directly responsible for the development of the Twitter Rocket?
Have you personally purchased the Twitter Rocket for the full advertised price?
If you did, do you have receipts of proof of purchase?
If you did not purchase the eBook, how did you receive the eBook?
How soon after your purchase did you receive the eBook?
Was it complete and were you able to understand it?
How soon were you able to implement the steps in the eBook?
Did you already have an established website or blog of at least a year before your purchase?
If not, how soon after the purchase did you start a website/blog?
How many posts does your website blog have now?
How many did it have before the purchase?
Do you have affiliate links or adsense or any other marketing income from your site besides the Twitter Rocket?
How often do you post on your site, and how many of your posts are content driven, and how many are affiliate driven?
How many of your posts are related to the Twitter Rocket, and how many are not?
Are you using AN Hosting as your host?
If not, who is your host?
Are you using a variation of the Upstart Blogger website style?
Are you a musician?
Has your previous website been shut down for any reason?
What is your blog/site about?
Do you sell products or provide a service other than promoting the Twitter Rocket?
Did you sell products or provide a service before you bought the Twitter Rocket?
Are you promoting the Twitter Rocket without having a website or blog at all?
If you had a preexisting business before your purchase, how were you marketing your product?
Have you followed the eBook and done the steps required, when required?
How long does this take you daily/weekly?
Do you use Twitter to promote the Twitter Rocket?
If not, how do you promote it?
How many Tweets do you do a day/week to promote it?
If you do not use Twitter, how do you promote it?
How many sales a day/week have you made from the Twitter Rocket, at $47 commission each?
How many total sales have you made?
How many of those sales would be willing to take this survey?
How can you prove how many sales you claim?
How many of the sales you've made have posted on the internet about their purchase and their success?
How many of those sales are people who aren't going to sell the Twitter Rocket, and are just using it to get more sales for their products?
How many of those people are willing to take this survey?
How many affiliate sales have you made for AN Hosting?
If you are not promoting the Twitter Rocket or AN hosting, how has the Twitter Rocket helped your business sales?
How can you prove those sales?
What were the numbers of your Twitter followers and who you follow before you used the Twitter Rocket, and how have those numbers increased by day/week?
Do you believe it not possible to get Twitter followers any other way?
Do you use Twitter to drive sales to your site, or use Twitter directly for sales?
Hve you heard of any coverage of the Twitter Rocket other than the Upstart Blogger, people advertising as affiliates, or people questioning the eBook?
If you initially purchased the eBook at $97, and the AN Hosting, have you made your money back yet?
How many sales of the Twitter Rocket and An hosting would you need to achieve to call the eBook a success for you?
How few in order to consider it a failure for you?
How long do you imagine it will take you to determine whether it has been a success or a failure for you?
Would you sell this eBook to a family member or a friend?
If you believe in this eBook, how long do you think it could be a successful marketing tool?
Do you believe the Twitter Rocket will still be marketed a year from now?
Or longer?
What do you think of the people who express concern or skepticism about the Twitter Rocketor it's longterm viability?
What do you think their motivation is?
Why do you think they have not purchased the eBook?
Do you think people expressing criticism of the Twitter Rocket have the freedom of speech to bring up questions about it, or does it make you mad?
How long do you anticipate using the Twitter Rocket, in weeks, months or years?
How much money do you anticipate you will make?
Do you believe you can make money while you sleep?
Do you consider yourself a hard worker?
Are you working fulltime in a 9-5 job?
If not, what combination of working do you do?
Would you feel bad if you made money selling the eBook, but the people who bought it from you did not?
Because it is an intangible one time purchase, do you think there might be a time when the Twitter Rocket becomes too saturated in the market to sell?
What has been the best part of your Twitter Rocket experience?
What has been the worst?
How long do you think you will continue using/marketing the Twitter Rocket?

These are just preliminary questions I've come up with. If you have better questions, please email me at vegibug AT


  1. Anonymous said...

    Nice set of questions you got there. Would like to read what Twitter Rocket owners have to say. Hope I won't have to wait long.

    Been reading claims you block comments here. Wanted to test if those claims are true or not.

  2. Anonymous said...

    She does block comments!

  3. Mondo said...

    What a lot of questions!

    Hopefully you will approve this comment (since you WERE blocking them) before you make yourself look any more stupid.

    Go to and READ what it says.

    You insist on telling lies and spreading stuff about this product. Here are the facts...

    You don't need a blog.

    You don't need hosting.

    You keep making connection between TR and AN Hosting - there is no connection.

    I have a blog, but it's hosted with Lunar Pages, and very good they are too.

    I make around 5 sales a day, at $47 per sale, just by using TR to automate my account. Traffic is driven to my blog and I have the ads for TR on my blog.

    Those who post negative reviews are all people who have not purchased the method. They are clearly using TR as google bait. Either that or they have some kind of grudge against the author.

    I will continue to use the product for as long as it is profitable. I imagine it will continue to work all the time that Twitter is popular.

    If this comment gets approved (which I doubt since you are clearly anti anyone who has anything positive to say about the product) I will get a number of other TR users to comment as well.

  4. John Reiss said...

    You really are a very sad woman aren't you? All you can do is rubbish a product you've never tried.

    Just to indulge you a little, and to bring some balance to your lies, here are a few things I'd like to add.

    I use Twitter Rocket on 3 Twitter accounts. I automate them and they drive traffic to my real estate business. Each account targets a different geographical area.

    It works brilliantly.

    I don't blog, I don't sell hosting, I don't resell Twitter Rocket, I just use it to get leads for the properties that I need to sell. And it works.

  5. Gemma Kay said...

    I purchased Twitter Rocket a few weeks ago. I bought it from an affiliate who followed me on Twitter. I paid $97.

    I am training to be an actress and I use it to help me gain exposure.

    I'd leave a twitter url but, as many have noticed, your comment form is broken.

  6. Adam Kingston said...

    Colleen (that's Glory Bug's real name people), why are you being so obtuse? Everyone can see that you haven't read the book and are just trying to use it's popularity to get traffic to your sad little blogspot account.

    I am a Twitter Rocket user and a Twitter Rocket affiliate who makes around $200 per day with the system. That means I sell on average 4 or 5 copies a day, all through my Twitter account.

    As everyone else has already said there is no need to have a blog, nor hosting. I just run the system from my Twitter account.

    Your comments are still all messed up. This is the 3rd time I've tried to post a comment and it still won't let me leave a url or any links.

    Guess you must still be blocking them.

  7. Peter Williamson said...

    I've read your blog for a little while now Colleen. I'm a vegan like you but you've just lost a reader. You are making a fool of yourself here, you really are.

    First you knock something you haven't purchased (I know you haven't purchased it)

    Then you start to accuse the author and those that support him of all sorts of things which are untrue (I know that, because I know the author)

    And then you start turning your blog into a censored secret club by "accidentally breaking" your comment form. I tried to comment on this for days only to find that when I did get through I can't add a link to my blog.

    Shame on you. You are making other people think that all vegans behave like this. The public already thinks we are a bunch of lunatics and you are just giving them more ammunition with every post you make.

  8. chris said...

    i'd like to take a minute to play referee here. let's all just take a breath for a minute.

    breathing? good.

    a blog, typically, is a personal reflection. an online journal. the word blog originated from "weblog" which was something geeks and admins did to log events and updates to their site or server. it evolved into an online journal.

    i've read this blog. i've read ashley's blog. i have not yet purchased twitter rocket, but i am an affiliate for it. i do not have a huge twitter following.

    has glorybug/colleen made mistaken assumptions about how twitter rocket works? yes. has she said some possibly regrettable things? probably.

    how is this different from any other blog?

    i don't understand what all the fuss is about. so what if someone is debating the use of twitter rocket or how people are using it. so. what. ashley himself has blogged about how, even criticism doesn't matter -- it all drives traffic back to twitter rocket anyway, as anyone who wants to know the real story will take the time to find out. (

    i don't get why all the twitter rocket users are taking this so personally. is it wrong to be critical? is it wrong to be skeptical? is it wrong to express differing opinions on the web? is it be *wrong*? does talking about something you are genuinely curious about instantly mean that you are deliberately attempting to artificially drive traffic to your site by talking about it?

    she's never made any claim to have purchased twitter rocket. in fact, if you read her posts, it's much to the contrary. this is all a debate about its validity from someone who's on the outside looking in, and is skeptical about its practices. does everything have to be an attack?

    by the way -- i have been commenting on this blog for a while. yes the commenting system is broken. but if you look at the footer, this is a theme that was ported over from a Revolution theme designed for WordPress. of course there are things that aren't going to work. is it the blog author's fault that the theme they are using is broken? i think not. is it the blog author's responsibility to change the theme when they find out it's broken? not really. is it probably a good idea? yes, it's probably a good idea. but i don't think it's her *fault*.

  9. Ian W. Parker said...

    I'm not sure what the supposed problem is with the commenting system. I chose Name/URL and entered my comment. I believe the Captcha verification button ends up getting pushed below the bottom margin of the frame, but no scroll bar appears.

    While it is not good that this happens, as a computer user, it is simple to work around. As long as you click somewhere inside the comment frame so that focus is there, you can use the Tab key on the keyboard to move from element to element within the frame. This will allow you to select the button to post the comment.

    I don't know about other "Comment as:" options (Wordpress, etc.) here, but the Name/URL one works just fine.

    And Gemma Kay, you could have simply typed your Twitter user name in with your comment. Apparently the system worked well enough for you to post that the form is "broken".

  10. GloryBug said...

    I am sorry that people have been having problems posting. I do not edit or block posts, and never will unless the writer says offensive things about race, sex, orientation, or anything like that. I will (when I figure out how) remove personal people's names (but not their website name) from comments unless the people are ok with that, because it just seems a little dangerous.

    I have been told that the problem is that I have used a Wordpress Theme with a Blogger host, which is probably true (I don't know, but it's true this is a WordPress theme on Blogger), and that it can be corrected by switching to a Blogger theme. Problem is I chose this theme because I didn't like any of the Blogger themes. If anyone can suggest a similar Blogger theme, I'd be happy to use it until I get this one personally redesigned.

    As someone so kindly mentioned, I have said nothing about the eBook itself, because I have not read it. I haven't questioned the eBook. I've questioned the marketing of it, the longterm viability of it, and the crunching of the numbers associated with people claiming massive sales of it. I have no doubt it may help get 10,000 Twitter followers- though I'm not sure I see the helpfullness of that. Some people may.

    I am glad some people are happy with the program- more power to you. The way the real estate market has been here, it's hard to imagine that simply tweeting about properties for sale would do much when so many people are losing their homes... but if it's working for someone- good for you.

    I don't mind criticism for my opinions and the topics I write on, but it is simply not true that I block or edit anyone's comments. It is true, as pointed out, that as a blog author, I should fix broken aspects of my blog, and I am working on it in my own, Luddite, snail's pace.

    Until then, as others have suggested, there's probably a way to post comments if you really want to. If nothing else works, just email me and put in the subject box- Please Post Comment, and I'll post your link and comment for you.

    As far as my name goes, I use glorybug (uncapitalized). I don't mind people knowing my RL name, as that's easy to find. I won't, however post it on this site or my other sites until my children are at least 18. I think any parent would understand this.

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