What Makes a Good Product?

5:12 PM Posted by GloryBug

Good Question- What Does Make a Good Product?

First and foremost for me, I like a product that does what it claims. It can be ugly (though I'd prefer it not), but it has to work.

One of the best products I've ever found was one of those hokey-sounding products being hawked on late night shopping channels. They were some special mops made out of some 'space age' material. I remember being skeptical, but for some reason I bought them anyway.

They were the best mops I've ever used. You didn't even have to sweep before you used them. I liked them so much that I bought them for my parents and friends. They liked them, too.

The one major flaw was in their design was that they had to be completely rehydrated before use, or the mop would break off when you used the wringer. Which eventually happened when one of my friends did not rehydrate my mop before they used it.

I reordered another mop and tried to use the broken mop by hand until my new mops came. And then, I was MAD. The mops I got were NOT the same. They were the same colour, same design, but not the same material. And they didn't work.

That is a bad product. My mother's mop and my friends' mops still work, 10 years later. I've even offered to buy one from them, but they won't part with them. I recycled the replacements mops- there was no point in even keeping them.

That is a bad product.

Products that work are good products.

Don't even get me started on what I think of the new Dell Studio 14z that I bought a few weeks ago. That review will have to wait until I can write about it without getting livid.

So what is my point? A good product works. It doesn't need hype, and will sell itself. Bad products will not work. As simple as that, even if it's just a mop.


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