Controversy as Advertising

12:28 PM Posted by GloryBug

Even Bad Publicity is Good Publicity?

Not sure I really subscribe to that theory, but it appears a lot of people do.

One thing I have learned to do (Because Fibro and CEBV and CMFPS are not a whole lot of fun to deal with) is have a sense of humour. About myself and others.

So it is kind of a little bit funny that on my poorly read blog, the most comments have been made to my post stating that I should probably retire my interest in the Twitter Rocket.

Which I was obviously wrong about. Not so much because the product is showing much gain, but because of how interesting it is see how emotionally people react to the topic.

I can say a few things- It doesn't take a rocket scientist to have easily researched my real name, or for kind of angry sorts of people to try to dig at me by using it on my own blog. You'll notice I haven't removed any of those posts, if only because they are ill-intentioned but not threatening in any personal way.

Also- I only post here- and almost anywhere else, as me- glorybug. I don't have alter-egos, and I am certainly not someone named Mary. Although I am now very curious what "the South will rise again' means in context to the topic. As a Californian, I must just not get the meaning of that.

"Peter"- I agree with you absolutely. I have no problem with people trying to earn a 'living' for their family (I have one..I know)- what I have a problem with is people chasing money for money's sake. Obscene amounts of money that could help so many other people. Or animals. Or whatever charity you believe in- if you have a charity. And it is true that $15k could support a lot of families. It just won't buy them all a brand new flashy car.

"Toby Anselm"- I have not received an email from you, as you and several others claim. I will go back over and post the names of the people I HAVE received emails from (and replied to), if it would make you happy. I find it a little low to claim you've sent email to people and they've ignored you, when that just isn't true. I have received a few emails from people using nicknames, all of whom I've replied to. Perhaps that might have been you.

It is interesting, psychologically, that it bothers people that someone would like to make enough money to care for their family, but have no interest in being obscenely wealthy. I really don't know how to respond to that. It's my values, and this is my blog. Anything written on this blog will reflect those values. If or when I find what appears to be a solid way for people to make 'Just enough to support your family', I'll probably push the heck out of it.

Being 'rich' does not make you prettier, or hunkier, more intelligent, more kind or considerate, more generous, or have a more likeable personality. It just allows you to buy more things, and if you make enough, to be able to buy shallow people (until you lose your money). Who wants that? Obviously some people do, and they aren't happy that I don't.

I really have posted nothing inflamatory about this product, so it's kind of amusing that people have responded so vociferously to my mere questioning of its practicality and marketability longterm.

Go figure.

I have other things to do right now, such as pick up the boys from school, do homework, cook dinner- normal stuff. Maybe after I'm in bed I'll have time to research all of the names of the people who have commented here and/or emailed me, and see if I can even find a Twitter account for them. I have a feeling it will be difficult. Since they claim to be using Twitter Rocket to grow their followers, it should be easy, but (wink wink) I think it will be hard.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Yawn. We all know it's just you posting under different names. Blogspot makes the IP addresses available if you know where to look. How low are you going to go?

  2. Anonymous said...

    Nice catch. I did wonder why the negativity train had run away on what used to be a nice blog. You've lost a reader Colleen. I thought you were bigger than this.

  3. GloryBug said...

    What kind of crack are you on, and why do you keep saying you thought I was 'bigger' than 'this'?

    There is no catch. Ther can't be a catch, because I am one single small person who just happens to have a blog.

    I am egotistical enough to put my name on everything I write.

    Post the info about the IP addresses so that I can look at them. I have one main computer at my home, and one laptop. That's it.

    You are getting really annoying with your accusations. I'm guessing you are the kind of person who likes having your blood pressure raised, but I am not. But, I do hate liars. So post your information or shut up.

    And- you do not know me well enough to call me 'Colleen'. The very fact that you call me that sends a message to everyone that you do not know me.

    So give it up already. Either post what you are claiming is proof that I am somehow commenting as other people (which is ridiculous, since I can say anything I want on my own blog without need to pretend I am someone else)... or just stop. I know you won't post it, because I know I am the only person posting as owner of this blog.

    I am fully aware that this is MY blog. It is getting to the point where it seems spammy and abusive that other people are claiming I'm posting as other people. Is it not possible that other people might not think the Twitter Rocket is all that?

    At what point in the overall internet am I going to stop being blamed for every question people have about the Twitter Rocket?

    Twitter Rocket people are absolutely shooting themselves in the foot. Bad marketing strategy.

    When it comes out that I am, in fact, only just me.. only one person known as 'GloryBug' (and personally as 'Colleen'), you all won't be laughing. Your product will fail even if it is a good product, just because of your marketing tactics, which is the only thing I ever critisised to begin with.

    It's obvious why you posted as 'anonymous'.

  4. Anonymous said...

    I'm nothing to do with that product you keep banging on about. I'm just watching your car crash of a blog after being pointed here by someone on Twitter who told me to watch some bitter old woman make a fool of herself!

    I posted as anonymous because I don't want some psycho like you knowing my name.

    You're are nut job. Anyone using commonly found Firefox extensions can see the IP addresses! All of the derogatory ones, and the racists ones and coming from the SAME IP ADDRESS!

    COLLEEN / MARY / GLORYBUG / PERCIVAL and all the rest of your made up names! THE GIG IS UP! YOU LIED! YOU GOT CAUGHT!

  5. Anonymous said...

    Firefox extensions. Learn how to use them. Then you'll see the IP addresses.

    Caught. Red. Handed.

    Glory = percival = joe = paul = mary

  6. Anonymous said...

    LOL. Colleen PWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous said...

    I knew it. Wish I'd spotted it sooner. That's pretty low, Colleen, don't you think?

    Have some dignity for crying out loud.

  8. Anonymous said...

    P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!P W N E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Sarah said...

    Someone is off his rocker. A Twitter Rocket failure undoubtedly.

  10. Ross said...

    Was about to buy Twitter Rocket, but after seeing how emotionally unstable some supporters are, WTH wants to be associated with that cultish group?

  11. Anonymous said...

    Keep it coming. Ross / Sarah / GloryBug / Colleen / Mary.

    All the same IP address people. All the same IP!

  12. Tom said...

    Reported to Google for hate speech.

    Posting defamatory arguments is one thing.

    Pretending to be multiple characters to advance your argument is another.

    But by posting things that are racist, accusing people of inciting rape etc. etc. you've gone too far.

  13. GloryBug said...

    Tom, you need to step away from the crack pipe.
    You need to read the comments other people posted that I cinsider racist, and you need to read the post I wrote about rape.

    Reading titles, without bothering to read the contents is just 8th grade lazy.

    And, btw- other people posing as me and commenting is way weirder that if I was doing it.

    Read the effin blog before you start spoting tripe and thinking you know me.

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