Retiring the Twitter Rocket

3:40 AM Posted by GloryBug

Time to Stop Beating a Dead Horse

Now that's a strange thing for a vegetarian to say!
Over the last week I've been working on topics I'd like to post on here and on my other sites. I can't do much about it here until I get my new laptop, since I can't work very long in front of the big computer.

But of those topics, I've realized that the whole Twitter Rocket thing has become tedious. There's never any news or developments to report. It isn't really news to say 'The same 10 people posted the exact same non-news twitter linking back to the Upstart Blogger (with their affiliate commission link, no doubt). And although there was the 'human' side to it at first, it's become clear that most of that is very negative. Which is kind of against my whole perspective in life. I usually try to avoid negative things.

Plus, to be honest, it annoys me to no end that one of it's promoters advocates that teens drop out of high school to engage in internet fads, especially when (by their own admission) they now can't get into a decent college because of their bad grades. I'd rather die poor and educated than rich and stupid. Which is a good thing, because I probably will. Which is ok with me and VvonV, because we're both musicians, and I'm and artist and writer, so we really shouldn't expect much more.

Among the millions of things I love about VvonV is that he has a curious mind. He is like me in that way, though he keeps his interests to physics and music, whereas mine often strays into politics and business. But, he is curious and open-minded, and he listens when I talk. More importantly, is probably that when he talks, I am genuinely interested in what he has to say. Those are all positive things.

The thing about the Twitter Rocket and it's incessant promotion by it's 15 followers is its emphasis on being rich. Its' promoters criticise me as being jealous of their 'richness', among other things more petty. Or they imply that I don't think a 'person like them' should be rich. That's kind of psychologically telling, since I personally have no opinions of whether anyone deserves to be rich or not, so they must think they aren't.

But the funny thing is that I have been "rich". Not all my life. My early childhood years were probably harsher than most, but after that I grew up in a pretty exclusive area- I chose for most of my adult life to be working middle class. For ten years, I was RICH. Richer than rich. Over $15,000 a month rich. Rich meaning I could buy anything I wanted. Anytime. I was pushed to buy expensive things, and I was given outrageously expensive things. Literally, nothing was too expensive. After a certain point when you live like that, nothing has any real value. Nothing has meaning- you just buy things.

I have now been what would probably be called 'poor' for over 3 years now, and I can say with experience that those expensive things were garbage. They didn't last any longer than cheap things. I realize now that my unhappiness was not just the person I was with, but the lifestyle we led. He NEEDS to buy things to fill some empty void in his personna, but I don't. I don't have that hole. I have found a wonderful person to spend my time with, but he has not. I hope for his sake that someday he meets as shallow of a person that will appreciate being rich as he deserves. I can now go to movies and use a coupon to get a discount, which would have been a cardinal sin before. I can actually have a 'budget'. The things my fiancee does now actually mean something to me, because HE did it, and not some person who was paid to. My ex still has a housekeeper and a nanny (because he can't actually care for our children while they are with him), and a gardener, pool person, and a laundry service among all the people he pays to do everyday life things. We don't. We don't need to. We actually wash our own dishes, and we really don't ever have dreams that someday we'll be rich enough to pay someone else to. So the little jabs about jealousy are pretty stupid. And in my opinion, anyone who wants to be rich enough to pay people to wash their dishes are stupid and shallow.

Any Google search will tell you that the majority of millionaires became so not out of spending, or earning, but from saving. That has always been my mindset, and it was very uncomfortable the years I spent being 'rich'. Because no matter how rich you are, there is nothing saved at the end of the month. Because VvonV and I are frugal, we will probably end up being millionaires just from saving- but it's not a goal. Our goal is to be happy with our lives and my kids.

So, I have a problem with any product (and it could have been any I'd stumbled across- the Twitter Rocket just caught my eye) that promises 'riches'. I have been there and done that, and it does not fix the emotional holes in your life. It doesn't fix your grades and allow you to go to college, and it does not help you find the love of your life.

I think I'm going to dump the Twitter Rocket and try to find some marketing idea to follow that only promises that you can make a living and support your family. Something where the 'followers' are positive and helpful. People who don't spam the same twitters all day long. I have a feeling those people will be more successful in the long run.

In a year, we'll see who's been more successful overall. Me, or the core Twitter Rocket promoters.

It's pretty sad when one of your few admitted users actually writes about their success with your product and you dog them. Ego problems? Just asking.

I can't end this without commenting that I find it interesting that there is now a 'new' take on the Twitter Rocket that's 'only available to a few people' thing. I think I've said repeatedly that I think they'll have to push a new product right away.

So, for anyone who wants to report their success with the Twitter Rocket- I will still post or link to your progress- but I think I'm going to stop writing anything about it. I'm going to try to focus on more positive ventures.


  1. John Reiss said...

    I'll just sum up what you have said.

    You used to be married to someone with lots of money.

    He dumped you and now you have no money.

    Colleen - we can see through you.

    You are bitter and twisted and want to lash out at anyone who is making money easily (like me) because you know you will never amount to anything and are much happier yelling at people from the touchline.

    $15,000 a month is nothing. Chump change. The fact that you think $15,000 a month is rich really says a lot about your limited view point. There are Twitter Rocket affiliates out there making thousand of dollars every day!

    I bet that drives you insane, doesn't it?

    There are 2 kinds of people. Those that achieve something and those that complain about the people who achieve something.

    You are, without a shadow of a doubt, nothing but a very sad woman. Bitter about your divorce and angry with those who are more successful than yourself.

  2. GloryBug said...

    I used to work for the Khashoggis. Google them. I'm sorry that you think money is the measuring stick for everything in life.

    Money comes, and money goes... but if you are an asshole, your dick will still be as short as it's always been.

    You must not be able to read. I have been rich before- on my own- and I have no desire to try to get back there.

    I want to be happy, have the minimal luxuries that I enjoy... and to pay as little as possible for them.

    People who worship the rich bore the shit out of me. It is not as fun as it seems.

    I suppose I could try every junk thing that comes along so that I could afford to pay for prostitutes to impress with my money... the problem is that I have a great guy that I did not have to throw money at to like me.

    I guess I'm doing it all wrong, being bitter and all, as you, who doesn't know me, claims.

    The bottom line is that I am pretty happy finding ways to support the frugal life I lead as a musician with me, my kids and my fianceee- that's all I want- to support that good life. I feel sorry for people who are on a crack pipe dream of being rich and famous.
    You will never be happy, and you will always hate the people who are satisfied with love and contentment.

  3. GloryBug said...

    I forgot to say... 15K a month is 'chump change"?
    To who?

    That is so fucking insulting unless you are Paris Hilton.

    Is that what you really aspire to? $1500 shoes and $600 handbags? Will that really save your soul?

    Will getting fake tits or working out 24/7 to get perfect abs really get you the love you so desperately seek? I think not. But I could be wrong. Maybe all those superficial things are the key to having superficial relationships?

    Just saying.

  4. John Reiss said...

    Wow. You really are bitter and twisted aren't you.

    $15,000 a month IS chump change when you know how to make money.

    The more you rant and swear, the more ignorant you reveal yourself to be.

    FYI I'm very happily married with a lovely family.

    It's such a shame that people like you, people who have failed at life (as is clearly indicated by the things you write), choose to lash out at those with more than you.

  5. David Montgomery said...

    Colleen, what a nasty piece of work you are. You are really showing your true colors now, aren't you.

    John is right. $15,000 is nothing. In the new online economy people are happily making $15,000 a day without breaking a sweat.

    Your marriage must have really gone sour for you to end up this twisted by it all.

    You need some therapy before you go completely nuts.

    Whoops. Too late.

  6. chris said...

    I really like how both of you are using someone else's blog as a forum to advertise your own affiliate links for Twitter Rocket. Oops, was I not supposed to see that? It's really classy. How many conversions are you getting by trashing someone you don't know? It really speaks poorly of the product you are trying to promote, giving the impression that everyone who uses it boosts their traffic by starting a flame war. Oh wait, that's how your patron saint, Hannah, did it, too, isn't it?

    Here's some advice: get a life. Seriously. If you're making that much cash, why does it matter what one person on a low-traffic blog says?

  7. David Montgomery said...

    Chris, I'm not sure why you are defending her. She has done everything in her power to spread lies about a legitimate product. A product that you know is legitimate, yet you defend her when she continues to lie about it.

    Furthermore, $15,000 a month really isn't a large amount of money. The US dollar is pretty worthless so when it's converted into any solid currency there is a massive hit.

    The bottom line is that $15,000 a month isn't rich. It isn't even above average in many professions, including the successful end of the online marketing niche.

    I don't agree with what Hannah does either. I think she comes across as abrasive and a little bit silly. But look at the facts, look at her followers and look how fast they are growing. And then look at Colleens.

    Seriously, who are you going to believe? The successful person or the failure?

    And then when you consider that the failure (Colleen) has a massive axe to grind and a chip on her shoulder the size of a glacier (divorce, generaly hatred of anyone with more than her, raging jealousy of anyone younger and more successful etc. etc.) it becomes painfully obvious what is going on here.

    If you looked up "bitter failure" in the dictionary you would find a picture of Colleen.

    Plus she lies all the time. I've emailed her. I've agreed to interviews about the product and my success with it. But she chooses to ignore me. Just like she ignores all the other people who have emailed her with their stories.

    The reason this matters is because it is right to stand up for what you believe in. And I don't like seeing a stand up guy, with a stand up product, getting trashed by some bitter and twisted failure.

  8. GloryBug said...

    There really must be something wrong with me.

    I really do think $15,000 a month is a lot of money. What kind of mindset do you all "Twitter Rocket" people come from?

    Crack. That's what it sounds like to me.

    I don't need $15k a month, because I don't have a drug habit. Read between the lines.
    It is very difficult to spend $15K a month unless you or your partner have a drug habit. Or unless you are just shallow without depth.

    I do not need $400 handbags or $1200 shoes. You need to understand this, and use your high school education to figure out why I am not impressed by the millionaires I use to work for- ot people falsely claiming those kinds of riches because of some eBook.

    I used to buy the Khashoggis' tampons. I personally wrote the check for the 'birthday cake' for their dog's party with Bo Derek and John Travolta. Yes... years ago.

    But it taught me a huge lesson about how worthlessly people spend their money. How pointlessly. Do dogs need $600 birthday cakes? Am I just a big fat loser if I can't spend $600 on a dog's birthday cake?

    I learned a whole lot about life living in Santa Barbara. And I learned a whole lot about what is worthwhile in life.

    I learned a whole lot about the 'haves' and the 'have nots'.. and what I learned is the difference is that the 'haves' spend a whole lot of money on a lot of stupid shit. Shit that nobody needs.

    I am not resentful in the slightest, because it taght me HUGE lessons about people and money. It also pushed me over into the vegetarian camp.

    So, I'll never complain about that. But- I know how much a dollar is worth, and I know how much MOST fairly well-to-do people make. I've made that.

    Too funny. Thinking that the more a person makes, the more respectable they are. Pretty silly.

  9. GloryBug said...

    I have never once received an email from a "David Montgomery".
    I have never received an email from a "John Reiss".

    In fact, it kind of makes me laugh that some peripheral "Twitter Rocket" people keep commenting and claiming that they have emailed me when they have not. I have posted about the few people who have actually emailed me. If I didn't post about it, it was because I never was emailed.

    A lot of people who have had no real contact with me seem to have a whole lot of opinons about me and my motivations. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the few people who actually have bothered to email me have come away understanding where I am coming from.

    If you really want to get to know something personal about me, have the balls to actually email me- not just lie in the comments and claim you have.

    Also- I don't make a habit of vindictively using people's personal information on the internet. That's why you won't see me using anyone's real-life name unless they have asked me to. So have a little respect and start addressing me as GloryBug. Anyone who continues to refuse to is just showing that essentially they have no respect for anyone at all.

    Believe me, I get that you are not happy that I'm not on the "Twitter Rocket" train- but does that really warrant juvenile behaviour and posting of personal information on the internet, just because you don't like the fact that I'm not patting you on the back?

  10. GloryBug said...

    Oh, and Chris? You are correct that it looks bad that certain people are bashing other people who as far as I can tell are being pretty positive about the eBook product.

    And, although it made me laugh, you are also correct in that my blog is actually a low-traffic blog. So it is incredibly funny that such "rich" people are taking their time to write comments on a blog that should have no worth to them. People who think that $15k a month is not a lot of money!? Unbelievable.

    Which makes you wonder. Why isn't any other 'High' traffic blog covering this? Probably because it isn't worth covering.

    I will continue to offer to you, as I have to any other person who emails me (as opposed to people who claim they've emailed me, but have not) to update the success or otherwise that they've had with the Twitter Rocket. Your blog appears to state that it is working ok for you. I will also link to any blog that is actually reporting real usage of the eBook. I won't link to empty twitter blogs.

  11. GloryBug said...

    Both John Reiss's and Chris Montgomery's comments here (neither one of whom has ever emailed me) link directly to the "Upstart Blogger". I'm going to guess the details in their links are that they are promotional links that will directly make them money if anyone buys into the whole "Twitter Rocket" thingy.

    The other "Chris', on the other hand... his link here goes directly to his own blog. Where, to be honest, he writes fairly positively about the Twitter Rocket so far.

    What does that tell you?

    Affiliate links vs personal blogs?
    Says a lot to me.

  12. Peter said...

    $15,000/month can comfortably support 90 people (or fifteen 6-member households).

    Someone who says it is just "chump change" is either just a pseudonym-loving bluffer or is trying so hard to fake it until he makes it.

  13. Adam Kingston said...

    Colleen (if you don't want people using your real name don't behave like such a jerk) why do you have a problem with people making money?

    I don't have a blog so I just promote Twitter Rocket by commenting on other peoples blogs and via my own Twitter account.

    I don't make $15,000 a month but I do make regular sales and will this month make around $4,000 with Twitter Rocket.

    Seriously, what's your problem Colleen?

    Why all the hate?

    Peter, are you on drugs? $15,000 can't support 90 people!!

    $15,000 IS chump change for a lot of people, especially experience online entrepreneurs. It sounds like you're very jealous.

    FYI, I emailed you as well. It bounced back to me.

  14. Peter said...

    Adam, learn to expand your mind.

    90 people, based on 15 6-member households. That assumes the household has young children.

    You honestly don't think $1,000 can support a household of 6 people each month? Expand your mind, instead of just conveniently blaming things on drugs.

    Or better yet, stop being a twat and get an education. Give Twitter Rocket users a better reputation by exercising your brain a little bit more.

  15. Mary said...

    David says some people are making $15,000 a day without breaking a sweat in the "new online economy"?

    Yous some kind of sheister?

    People making 15 G's a day sweated buckets before they hit the big payouts. David get yous scammy head outta where the sun don't shine, ya Twitter Rocket snakeoil scum.

  16. Adam Kingston said...

    Peter, Mary - it's obvious that you are Colleen. And it's provable too.

    Say what you like. The more you shout the more obvious you become.

    What's it like being so bitter and jealous?

  17. Peter Myndol said...

    Mary / Colleen. You do know it's obvious you're the same person, right?

    Like some other people have said, why the hatred? I bought the book, it works for me, why are you so angry about that?

    I don't get it. Whenever someone challenges you, or says something positive about the product, you attack them.

    You've admitted to not even having read the book yet you refuse to listen to anyone. Instead you just invent more personalities (Mary et al) and make a fool of yourself.

  18. Gemma Kay said...

    Colleen De Konning.

    Why are you so jealous of people who make more money than you?

    $15,000 may seem like a lot to someone with a narrow mind but it's just pocket money to high earners, online or offline.

  19. Mary said...

    Hohoho. Yous thinks Colleen and me are....? Hohoho. What's obvious is who yous are. Make that you's skitzo freako. How long ya gonna keep reeling in suckers with yer twitter rocket scam?

  20. Toby Anselm said...

    Colleen, I've emailed you with my Twitter Rocket review but you are choosing to ignore me.


    Can't handle the truth?

  21. Christopher Argento said...

    Mary / Colleen - Give it up sweetheart. It's obvious!

  22. Mary said...

    Twitter Rocket gives yous more followers. Provable. Proven. Does it give you chump change like 15G's? What about 4G's? No proof. Why should there be? Itsa twitter rocket make money scam. Be a suckah and try it.

  23. Mary said...

    Will yous all just fuck off. I'm sick of this fucking shit and I'm going to take yous suckers down. Fuck ya all. The south will rise fuckers.

  24. Mary said...

    You've been warned yous fuckheads. THE SOUTH WILL FUCKIN RISE!

  25. Mary said...

    Paste yer email here, Toby. Nice to meetcha, Christopher. Who else is in there with yous? Sybil?

  26. Mary said...

    You've? Yous been warned, idiot.

  27. Mary said...

    Come on Sybil, show your fucking face, I know your fuckin in here on our blog and I'm going to fucking get you suckah.

  28. Gemma Kay said...

    Wow. Someone's getting really jealous.

    Who's Sybil?

  29. Mary said...

    Sure thang, twitter rocket fakers.

  30. Mary said...

    Yous all going to fucking get it retards

  31. Mary said...

    Fuckin losers. Whered you go suckahs?

  32. Paul said...

    A few people will make money selling Twitter Rocket. A bit more will make a little bit of money. A whole lot more will not be able to sell a single Twitter Rocket ebook. Pyramid scam?

  33. Geoffrey Abbey said...

    $15,000 is nothing? That's something a shady criminal would say.

  34. John Reiss said...

    Has anyone else noticed that the only people that criticize the prodcut are the people that haven't tried it? And, more importantly, all the derogatory comments are orginating from the same person, Colleen / Mary etc. ?

    Very telling.

    $15,000 is nothing. Open your eyes. Think bigger. The biggest internet marketers (and I'm talking about the whole internet here, not just Twitter Rocket) can easily make $15,000 a day.

    Pyramid scheme. Learn what one is before making defamatory comment. I suppose that according to you all affiliate programs are pyramid schemes?

    And to the person who wonders why I am even posting here. I made 2 sales yesterday from the link that I left in my comment! So you must be getting some traffic Colleen.

    Such a shame that you can't behave in an honest way and have to resort to name calling and foul language to try and make your point.

  35. David Montgomery said...

    Let's look at what we have in evidence here.

    Twitter Rocket users are defending their product, offering reviews, giving examples of it in use, and, despite some dreadful outbursts from Colleen / Mary, keeping cool.

    The critics, on the other hand, are resorting to name calling and foul language, as John Reiss correctly points out.

    It never ceases to amaze me just how powerful jealousy can be. As the gap between those who make good money online and those who fail gets wider and wider the jealous outbursts will continue to grow in ferocity.

    The reader can make up their own minds about who to trust and what the true motives are behind this anti capitalist and pro vegan blog.

  36. Scott Brigham said...

    This page exists to drive more sales to Twitter Rocket. Just look at all those sales links, duh! Kinda reminds me of a buncha Twitter marketer fraudsters who fleece web sheep. No money back guarantee? Heh. Figures.

  37. Tony D'Amo said...

    No proof and no refund, and some scammer expects me to buy sight unseen? C'mon dude.....

    "There's a Twitter Rocket customer born every minute." -- P. Twitter Barnum

  38. Paul said...

    What's a pyramid scheme? "An illegal, fraudulent scheme in which a con artist convinces victims to invest by promising an extraordinary return but simply uses newly invested funds to pay off any investors who insist on terminating their investment."

    What does Twitter Rocket promise? "The course you are about to download represents what would take me dozens of hours of telephone consulting time to work through with you, and I currently charge $600 an hour. So, without needing to reach for a calculator, Twitter Rocket is like getting many thousands of dollars worth of my time. And, after the first few sales that you make, Twitter Rocket will pay for itself. Use the Twitter Rocket affiliate program and you can easily make Twitter Rocket pay for itself in just 1 day."

    Dozens of hours multiplied by $600 is at least $14400 for a $97 product. Recover your $97 in just 1 day by selling Twitter Rocket to other people. A 14745-percent return in one day. Better than Wall Street!

  39. Paul said...

    I withdraw my last comment. I can see that the program is run by PayPal and therefore has a customer protection guarantee and is a perfectly legitimate affiliate program.

  40. Donovan said...

    Seems like some of you morons can't tell the difference between a pyramid scheme and an affiliate program.

    A pyramid scheme benefits those at the bottom and is illegal.

    An affiliate program benefits everyone, usually with a 50% split.

  41. Patrick said...

    You are all missing the point completely.

    Twitter Rocket is a product. It grows followers. It's up to the user what to do with those followers.

    I use it successfully to drive traffic to my horticulture business and, yes, I do make a few Twitter Rocket sales here and there, maybe a couple hundred bucks a week.

    But I don't set out to sell it. I just use it to grow my social networking presence in my niche.

    Whatever anyone says you can't deny the fact that the only critics are the ones who know nothing about it.

  42. Paul said...

    Hello "Paul". What comment are you withdrawing? Misleading buffoon. Since when did Paypal run an affiliate program?

  43. Jeff said...

    Does a pyramid scam benefit those at the top or bottom?

    If an affiliate breakseven that means top honcho made at least $140. A thousand affiliates and wow. I want to be at the top of this affiliate program! How do I recruit Twitter Rocket affiliates? Use MLM?

  44. Donovan said...

    I withdraw my last comment. I can see that I'm the moron, because I don't know what a pyramid scheme is. Blame it on my nickname. Dono. I dono a lot of things.

  45. Donovan said...

    How very pathetic of you. You show your true colors.

  46. Winston said...

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Twitter Rocket builds your followers, but do we have to cough up $97 to get more followers, when lotsa free info are on teh intarwebs?

    Making money on Twitter by selling Twitter Rocket is exactly what feels scammy far as I'm concerned. Commissions of thousand dollars per day? Tell it to them marines, bub.

    Like them pyramids, late affiliates won't sell sh-t.

  47. Katy said...

    It works for me. I'm not in the big leagues but I get 1 or 2 sales a day, making me $47 or $94 every day. Not bad for a teen.

  48. Catherine said...

    Care to back that claim up by linking to your Twitter account?

  49. Margaret said...

    The problem with people like Catherine is that they badly want to believe outlandish claims. They desperately hope that they will also be able to make money selling Twitter Rocket. I pity people who stubbornly hang on to their pyramid dreams.

    I detest the scammers who keep fooling people who are down to their last dollar. Those fraudsters make microphone-grabbing jack@sses look like saints.

  50. Anthony said...

    Twitter Rocket grows **FAKE** followers.

    You follow people who follow you back and de-follow those who don't follow you back. One day you will have 18,000 followers and you will be following 18,000 also.

    Who can follow 18,000 people in Twitter? If your followers are like you, they will be following at least 2,000 people. Your twitters will not be seen by your thousands of followers.

    Want thousands of fake followers?

  51. Milton said...

    Read Looking for Mr. Goodtweet: How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter

    The freely shared information there is lightyears ahead of premium (cough, cough) info.

  52. Percival said...

    Twitter Tip: How to Automatically Unfollow Unfollowers

  53. Anonymous said...

    Why is the same person posting derogatory, often offensive, comments under different names over and over again?

    Percival, Milton, Anthony, Paul, Margaret, Mary etc. etc. They all come from the same IP address!

    It's amazing the information a blogspot account can reveal.

  54. Anonymous said...

    LOL Colleen. You got caught! Should have used your own domain than you'd have got away with it!

  55. Anonymous said...

    Shame. I didn't expect this of you GloryBug.

  56. GloryBug said...

    Dear Anonymous-
    Thank you for making my day. Any humour I can squeeze from life is good.
    I am not Percival, Anthony, Paul, Margaret, Mary, or anyone other than GloryBug or Colleen. And, I prefer to be called GloryBug online. I am, however, glad my name is not percival.

    I don't know a whole lot about the internets, interwebs, inter-anythings. What I do know is that I live here with my beloved VvonV and my beloved kids, G and Z. They like my vegetarian blog and my gardening blog- probably because it leads to me cooking more stuff. None of them have any interest in my off-topic blog, which is what this is.

    So, I wouldn't begin to know how to check anyone's IP address (nor can I imagine I'd ever need to), but I do know for a fact that I only post on here as GloryBug, and I don't even need to type that in- when I go to my editor/post page on blogger dashboard, it fills it in for me.

    I have never bagged on the "Twitter Rocket" as a product. Reread everything I've written. I HAVE questioned its marketing and viability. I am beginning to believe what other people have claimed- that the comments on my blog are inflammatory just to drive traffic to the TR people. Why else would people get their panties in such a twist when I never criticised the 'product'?

    If anyone would like to send me the product to review, I will review it. If it increases my Twitter folowers as it claims, I will say it is a success. I won't change my opinion about the personalities of the people pushing it. I'm going to guess nobody will offer to send me the product. Which is ok, since I have no clue what I'd do with thousands of Twitter followers. I guess then, I could try to sell them all on the Twitter Rocket?

    You may not like what I write, but I know I have a distinct writing style that even someone named 'Percival' would not be able to imitate. Sarcasm relies soley on what you imply- but don't say. So imitate away- or try to.

    That said, I appreciate the people who have taken the time to comment here, and I hope that I write something else soon that will make you want to come back and read more.

  57. Anonymous2 said...

    Anonymous wrote "LOL Colleen. You got caught! Should have used your own domain than you'd have got away with it!"

    Izzat your style, my good sir? You surmise that you're getting away with it in your own blawg? You, sir, are as thick as mince.

  58. Joe said...

    Blogspot reveals IP addresses? You lie!

    More lies spread by Twitter Rocket liars. Somebody tell that wanker to sod off!

  59. Anonymous said...

    We can see it's you Colleen / Joe / Mary / Percival etc. etc.

    Firefox IP comment extension!

  60. Anonymous said...

    I'm nothing to do with that product you keep banging on about. I'm just watching your car crash of a blog after being pointed here by someone on Twitter who told me to watch some bitter old woman make a fool of herself!

    I posted as anonymous because I don't want some psycho like you knowing my name.

    You're are nut job. Anyone using commonly found Firefox extensions can see the IP addresses! All of the derogatory ones, and the racists ones and coming from the SAME IP ADDRESS!

    COLLEEN / MARY / GLORYBUG / PERCIVAL and all the rest of your made up names! THE GIG IS UP! YOU LIED! YOU GOT CAUGHT!

  61. Anonymous3 said...

    Janey Mackers! Do you have any idea how the firefox ip comment extension works? Use it on your own blog and you will see.

    Either you are a certified ignoramus or you are a Twitter Rocket liar........ Or both.

  62. Abu said...

    Twitter Rocket loonies landed on the moon but forgot to bring enough oxygen. Simpletons!

  63. Gulliver said...

    Easy way to get followers:

    Follow the first 200 followers of this person

    In twelve hours you can proudly tell the world you got 200 followers in less than a day. Pimp your Twitter Rocket affiliate link.

  64. Anonymous said...

    More scammers! Abu / Gulliver / Anonymous3 - all the same IP address. All the same people.

    Colleen. We can SEE you. We KNOW it's you!

  65. Anonymous said...

    Stop fucking spamming my forum with your bollocks advertising all this crap. If I want help with fucking Twatter I'll ask for it. But I sure as hell won't be asking you!

    Now just fuck off or I'll report your money grabbing ass to your ISP and Google.

  66. Anonymous said...

    Before long, someone will post something racist like: "Twitter Rocket does not like black people."

  67. Anonymous said...

    Then someone will comment: "I will report you to Google for hate phrases."

    These Twitter Rocket promoters are getting desperate. They try so hard to censor or suppress things posted on the internet that are not glowing endorsements of Twitter Rocket.

    Goes to show you their lack of confidence in their product.

  68. Anonymous said...

    I will report the Twitter Rocket creator to Twitter for trademark infringement. The top earner regularly tweets $1000/day selling a Twitter-related product that has "Twitter" in its name.

    The Twitter Rocket is going DOWN.

    "Fraud and falsehood only dread examination. Truth invites it."

  69. Anonymous said...

    Twitter Rocket = PWNED!

  70. Anonymous said...

    Does anyone know when the Twitter Rocket Scam Report will be back online? Someone had (hosted at BlueHost) suspended.

    "Weren't we going to talk about Twitter Rocket and whether it was a scam? Yes we will get to that, but I need to put some concrete foundations in for where I am coming from..."

  71. Anonymous said...

    Here is the text-only version of the Twitter Scam Report

  72. Anonymous said...

    This is part of what @allisonr wrote in her "Twitter Rocket Scam Report" blog post:

    I tried; I really tried to give this a go. I have the accounts set up and the followers, but I could not stand polluting Twitter with garbage and after a while I halted the auto everything. I was not finding and following people who were interested in my businesses. I was finding auto-followers like myself who had nothing but auto-generated links as conversation. Totally useless.

    The lack of real information on how someone could apply this information to a product other than itself is what really sunk the boat. While this is not a “scam” or a pyramid scheme, it is a business model that cannot sustain itself.

    I do not recommend this product to business owners as a method of promotion. I do not recommend it to anyone that is serious about creating an internet identity based on integrity. I will also point out that some of the largest marketers on the internet have recently dropped the people they follow because IT DOES NOT WORK to follow thousands of people if you want to network successfully.

    What do you think of that? I am most definitely staying away from Twitter Report. But that's just me.

  73. Thomas said...

    Are you on something? Did you mean Twitter Report or Twitter Rocket?

  74. Barbra said...

    The censorship efforts of Twitter Rocket owners is now experiencing the Streisand Effect.

  75. Anonymous said...

    On Scribd you'll also find a copy of the Twitter Rocket Review

  76. Anonymous said...

    You are all missing one vital thing.

    Twitter Rocket isn't an ebook. It's a network that pushes traffic to Twitter accounts and an automation script that controls the advertising automation. It can't be copied since it is only activated to registered users.

    Anyone claiming to write a review that turns out to be just a bunch of points of advice is just talking BS.

    At least GloryBug admits to not having purchased it.

    Twitter Report is.

    Don't get them confused.

    Look at the facts. Look at the follower numbers of the registered Twitter Rocket users compared with the follower numbers of the critics who tell lies about it.

    I'm sure you'll all come back at me and yell things, just like an angry mob tends to do, but seriously, Twitter Rocket, whatever you think about it, isn't an ebook.

  77. Anonymous said...

    With all this negativity I'm defnitely staying far away from Twitter Rocket. Trust your instincts.

  78. Anonymous said...

    I will use Twitter Rocket because I want more followers. Not sure about the $1000 a day spoutings of some people. Something smells fishy. Most likely just a bunch of scammy lies since they can't prove they made that much money. Or they tried to prove it but failed because they used doctored images.

  79. Anonymous said...

    Can't see what all the fuss is about.

    Alison - the woman who aims to have exposed Twitter Rocket - has been proven to be a liar and a cheat.

    She didn't expose anything. She just made up a bunch of stuff and pretended that it was Twitter Rocket.

    Since Twitter Rocket is NOT an ebook there is nothing to reveal. Twitter Rocket is an automation script and works by accessing a network of other Twitter accounts that have a combined following of around 350,000 followers. That's it's secret if there is such a thing.

    And that's why only registered users can use it.

  80. Anonymous said...

    Since Twitter Rocket is not an ebook, then there is no harm in sharing a certain ebook called "Twitter Rocket" with other people, right? Thank you!

  81. Anonymous said...

    The Twitter Rocket system does include an ebook. Do not distribute copies of that to other people, or the ebook author will file a complaint.

    Do not believe every comment you read.

  82. Anonymous said...

    Do you need a free script that allows you to automatically post messages to Twitter? Here is a January 2007 tutorial

    Posting to Twitter using PHP

  83. Anonymous said...

    A free Twitter Rocket alternative! Boo-yah!

  84. Anonymous said...

    Network with a combined Twitter following of 350,000? Overrated. Yawn. BWWR.

    Boring words without results.

  85. Anonymous said...

    If you really believe in Twitter Rocket, then at least display a nonaffiliate link. Otherwise you'll just come across as a shill.

  86. Anonymous said...

    That script - the 2007 php one - only posts messages and will get you banned. The TOS has changed a lot since 2007.

    The Twitter Rocket one does everything, ads, follow, unfollows, the whole thing.

    And the 350,000 network is what makes it work. That's why you can't copy it because only registered users get access to the network.

    No link, no shill, just facts. But the audience on here (which is all Colleen under the same IP anyway) won't listen to that.

  87. chris said...

    oh great anonymous user who keeps posting links to "twitter rocket review": that review/blog post/document on scribd contains copywrited material. it says so on page one which @alisonr failed to take note of:
    "No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner without prior written permission of the author."
    @alisonr is therefore guilty of copyright infringement having had no prior permission to reproduce excerpts from the ebook portion of twitter rocket. anyone else who is linking to that document, or cached copies of that document is condoning and endorsing copyright infringement.

    copying excerpts of copywritten material without permission and including your response to said is not freedom of speech. it's against the law.

  88. GloryBug said...

    Maybe a bit off-topic, but I'd appreciate any one of the people accusing me of writing under other names providing me with information about how they came to this conclusion.

    I'm going to guess it's their mistake in not understanding IP addresses or something like that. If not that, it means other people are somehow using my IP address to post, which I don't think is cool. I'm leaning towards the former- that people just don't know how to understand IP address information... if, in fact, other people REALLY are posting under my same exact IP address.

    Anyway, if you get around to it, let me know. Thanks.

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