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9:28 AM Posted by GloryBug

Don't Mess with the Zohan... eh, I mean the Twitter Rocket

As I have said previously, I have never tried to review the Twitter Rocket myself, because it would be silly for me to if I hadn't actually bought a copy.

Thing is, that within the last few weeks it isn't true that I have never seen the product, because now I have received 4 different copies of it.

I was going to wait, after opening a special Twitter account just for that, in order to review it. But now that they've gotten so aggressive about a website for just telling the truth, I am going to come forward and back them up.

I have a different way of reviewing things than other people may. I am not going to link to anyone's page that has reviewed it positively or negatively, but you can find them on the internet yourself. I don't review products step-by-step on the product's terms- I review them in my own way. Saying that, and having read the SWBN review, I cannot disagree with anything they said, even though I would not have approached it that way.


Here's the skinny about the Twitter Rocket, acoording to me

The Twitter Rocket marketing on Twitter and on people's personal web pages, where they claim boundless income, is not reflected in the eBook. If I'm not mistaken, the only time the eBook mentions possible income, they claim you 'might' be able to make $1000 a month.

While the eBook itself does not push selling the product as the 'main' moneymaking venture, nor does it push website posting on ANHosting (which a lot of the websites were doing) it doesn't really give any information about how a huge increase of Twitter followers will make you more money. So while the majority of the TR websites I have followed have not posted any original content or appear to exist for any other reason than to resell the Twitter Rocket, the eBook does not focus on that much, other than tell you how to do it yourself without a website.

I do agree with the SWBN in that it isn't just an eBook. It includes a auto-script which I will concede could be claimed as a 'product'. I can say that I don't get why the eBook was broken down into different days, other than to spread the effort out a little, and to give the impression that it's a 'system'. There was nothing in the eBook that a person could not find on the internets within a couple of hours... other than the auto-script Twitter feature. But other variations of that are on the internets right now as well.

I agree with the SWBN that some of the suggestions are borderline abuse of Twitter TOS, and that the eBook recommendations detail how to push that envelope without being banned for spam or TOS violations.

I do think it's funny that the website that created the Twitter Rocket, as well as a couple of the higher ups in that group really shouldn't complain about people questioning the Twitter Rocket, when by their own boasts, their claim to fame was discounting, discrediting, badmouthing and calling spammers of people who essentially are doing nothing more than they are.

Based on what I read, do I believe if you follow the very basic guidelines the eBook suggests (it's a bit scant, and there was a LOT of white space in the eBook), you could achieve 20k followers in 6 months? Yes. But I think that would be more likely for younger or teenaged people who are not marketing or selling anything, and who are only interested in having MORE followers than their peers. Because I think it would be difficult if your niche was anything other than 'make money quick' fellow followers, that you would achieve those numbers.

I know that for my specific niches, it would be unreasonable to even have 10k followers who shared the same interests as myself.

I honestly was not impressed with the eBook. It took me less than 5 minutes to read (granted, I am a pretty talented speed-reader), because it had a lot of white space. But the info it provided was nothing a cursury search of the internets could have provided. I am not going to comment on the auto-script thing that came with them, because I did not try to access them. I don't know how the auto-script thing would compare against the available auto-scripts being offered for free on the internets. I would question whether it would be worth more than low-end shareware.

I guess that's where the marketing comes in. That is where I've really had my problems. I do not like at all the spamming/littering and duplicate/multiple posts every day by TR affiliates who are not even follwing the eBook by essentially spamming- because you are not offering unique or interesting info. You're just Tweeting about how great the TR is, and providing a direct ordering link with your affiliate number to te Upstart Blogger. I have a problem with the marketing, which was why I was so surprised to see that the eBook did not reflect at all what all the Twittering people keep spamming about. I can honestly say the eBook (as far as I remember) did not once claim grandiose income, unlike the people on the internet promoting it.

In My Opinion

Is it an MLM Marketing plan? No. The eBook does not claim to pay you a percentage of your recruits (after your first $47 cut), nor does it ask you to recruit others in order to get paid commissions on their sales. (I have not bought the 'product', but the eBook does not emphasize that).

Is it a Ponzi Scheme? No- because it does not appear they are using first secondary investory's money to pay previous investor's interest.

Is it a scam? In my opinion, (according to only the eBook, and not what the TR spammy promoters who are claiming specific dollar amounts of earnings say) the eBook does not qualify as a scam. It does qualify as a waste of money, since the information contained within is easily available on the internets if you can take the time to research it. I'm going to guess that the script component is not a scam, unless it does not allow you to automate your tweets as it claims. I'm going to guess it does, though I am uneasy about how long Twitter will tolerate that type of usage. I think the SWBN was right in their different TOS violations Twitter might find with it eventually. I also wonder how enforceable the 'lifetime support' could be. I do think that it's possible that any Twitter Rocket social networking would result in generic Twitter follwers, though I still maintain I can't see the point in it, nor that it's worth $97. I would never in good consconsience sell this product to any family or friends.

I think it's closest to a dead-end product, in that it does not sell a re-ordering or consumale product, and after a while the market will be saturated with a product nobody wants. At that point, once everyone starts pulling out, it will resemble a pyramid scheme.

I also wonder if the Twitter Rocket hasn't shot themselves in the foot by some of their more rabid promoters being so abusive on people's websites, claiming all kinds of conspiratorial theories... since I can't see how a business that called themselves the 'Twitter Rocket' would not attract attention of attorneys for Twitter for copyright infringement. It seems a self-destructive move to accuse other people of anything that would draw the atention of people you were personally illegally using the copyrighted name of.

Lastly, for anyone who doubts that I've been given 4 copies over the last 3 weeks, of the Twitter Rocket, I proofread the eBook, and can provide a statement of exactly which words were incorrectly spelled, as well as inproper syntax, punctuation and generic language errors, which, if I truthfully received copies of the Twitter Rocket, one check will match the errors in the copies of other people who have bought the 'system'.

I can also say that if people do not stop posting libelous things on my website, filling them with racist spam and anonymous bile-spewing, including that I am somehow posting under other names on my own comments section, I will break with my standard, and I will post every date-certified email post that I have received over the last 3 months from all kinds of Twitter Rocket people regarding the Twitter Rocket. I'll post every single personal email address, since the Twitter Rocket people have been exspecially nasty about purposefully posting my real life name again and again as harrassment- and then everyone can sort out who's email address IPs are from who. As I've said before, I'm not interested enough or computer savvy enough to be bothered to have done that myself before now.

But- when you have a good product, you don't need a bunch of abusive people to essentially 'piss' on other people's websites. I won't personally look into the personal background of every Twitter Rocket person who has emailed me, but I'm pretty sure since this is not the only website they've harrassed, there are more than a few other people who would be interested in finding out who YOU are, and posting YOUR real name on the internets as you've done mine.


  1. Hannah said...

    Since you've calmed down a little maybe it's time to clear the air with some reasoned argument.

    Your review makes it obvious that you still haven't purchased a copy. Which means you were probably given the fake copy that the SWBN were hawking around last Friday night, for around 10 minutes before they got shut down.

    The truth (and you can believe me or not, I don't really mind) is that SWBN never had Twitter Rocket and were taken off line for passing off there own little creation.

    All registered Twitter Rocket users know this is the case for the simple reason that Twitter Rocket's power comes from a network of Twitter accounts that push the users account.

    350,000 followers from distributed sources all aimed at an account has a big impact.

    Registered users are the only ones who can access it - that's why the reviews written by people who didn't pay for it (like you, I'm guessing) don't mention it.

    That is all there is to it. Sure, there are instructions on how to do a few things to make your account more attractive and to optimize it but the part that all the bogus reviews (done by people who aren't registered users) miss is the network push.

    You can't really argue with numbers either.

    I have been using it for 3 months and have around 20,000 followers. I got every single one with Twitter Rocket. I didn't pull them out of thin air, I didn't use any tricks.

    I use the automated ad script to send out advertisements from time to time. Certainly nothing that would cause any TOS problems.

    And yes I make money from it. A lot of money. Because there is a lot of interest in the product - both negative and positive - which makes it very easy to sell.

    The SWBN ran their article and got caught telling lies. It was obvious. Their review claimed to be about one thing, defamed that one thing, and then proved that they never had it in the first place by failing to mention anything genuine about the real product.

    Their supporters sprang into action, crying foul, but the fact that what they had revealed wasn't a reveal at all. It was, as you have found out, just a bunch of stuff that anyone could get from the internet.

    You can't copy and give away something that requires personal verification and registration. That's what makes review like this one a little comical because, as I already mentioned, registered customers just roll their eyes and see straight through it.

    Your attack on Upstart Blogger (not the Upstart Blogger or the people behind Upstart Blogger as you keep calling him) is pretty silly as well and shows that you know nothing about what he has achieved, and the respect he has earned, since he launched that blog in 2004.

    Writing a bad review is not something that should attract such violent outbursts and I honestly don't see why your previous outbursts ended in such ridiculous conflict.

    Oh wait, yes I do, it was because a bunch of people allowed themselves to get into a mono syllabic fight which soon degenerated into something much much nastier.

    Ok, I've written more than I intended to.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to reach out to you, GloryBug (see, I did it again, just for you) on my Twitter account @blogginghannah so you can watch Twitter Rocket being used. No commitment, if you want a tour I'll give you a tour. If you don't, if you want to keep relying on fake stuff that you get from websites that get closed down for passing off, then that's cool too.

    Same goes for any of your readers. If you want to see Twitter Rocket at work visit me at my twitter account and I'll happily connect with you and give you a tour / answer any direct questions etc. et.

    See. We're not all that bad. Rich, maybe. Nasty, no. Life's too short.

  2. Hannah said...

    One more thing. The real ebook that accompanies the Twitter Rocket system doesn't mention money at all. More proof that you haven't got / see / purchase the real thing.

    But, since a lot of you want to read numbers, in my experience some people make a little money, some people make a lot.

    My earnings are probably about average.

    The only Twitter / Income equation I have ever used myself is that 10,000 followers can easily be turned into $1,000 a week. But that is my own experience and not something that was taught or suggested to me.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Doesn't mention money at all? It's in the ebook in the part called Stage 4 Making Money With Your Twitter Account.

    Earning a thousand dollars a day in Twitter Rocket commissions is about average? If there are 100 affiliates, are you implying that around half of them are making more than $1,000 a day?

    You said that in your own experience, 10k followers can be turned to $1k a WEEK. When you had less than 14k followers you were already claiming making a thousand dollars in a DAY.

    You aren't making sense, Hannah. Your numbers do not add up.

  4. GloryBug said...

    Actually, Hannah tweets every day that she makes over $1000 a day, on 'bad' days. She must be meaning 'gross'. So even 9 people a day, (@97)'gross' means ($47) $450 a day for her. The problem with the equation is that it also means there are supposedly 9 new affiliates a day (270 new affiliates a month), in addition to all of the other people claiming to have sold the program besides her.

    Check the "Twitter Rocket" tweets every day and add up ho many people claim to have sold TW eBooks a day, and it doesn't take long to figure out the math just doesn't add up.

    The emperor has no clothes!

  5. Anonymous said...

    A challenge for Hannah - You keep saying you make hundreds of dollars each day, so get a $300 digital camera and video yourself talking about Twitter Rocket. Post it in YouTube so we know you're for real and not just some fictitious persona with a foto.

    Same goes for the maker of Twitter Rocket Ashley Morgan who is logically making more than affiliate Hannah.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Quoting Hannah: "I use the automated ad script to send out advertisements from time to time. Certainly nothing that would cause any TOS problems."

    I looked at Hannah's Twitter stream (, and did not find twits posted using any automated ad script ("from API"). Your twits are all "from web"

    Hannah's lack of credibility is hurting Twitter Rocket and all its affiliates.

  7. Anonymous said...

    You chumps are so friggin naive. Hoping to see video proof? HAH! Grow up! Wake up from your useless Twitter Rocket dream! Open your eyes and see the truth. Or just shut up and spend your friggin $97 already!

  8. GloryBug said...

    Actually, Anonymous, I should turn on my Studio Laptop camera, and we should have a beauty contest.

    Because, no joke, that was something I read by Hannah- that we should essentially have a 'beauty contest' to prove whether or not the Twitter Rocket works. I think that was about the time she was 'Tweeting' about having a 'catfight'.

    Whatever. I'm not in 8th grade anymore, not to mention that my beloved VvonV and my boys would probably take everyone down on my behalf, just our of male chivalry.

    In other words, it was an incredibly funny thing to read. And to imagine me, Miss Pacifist doing.

    On the other, other hand, you are absolutely correct that throughout all of this, Ashley Morgan gets about $50 bucks for anyone that any of the affiliates sends through his doors.
    So no matter what, no matter 'if' anyone actually buys the Twitter Rocket eBook, Ashley makes money till the last affiliate goes belly up.


    That made a lot of sense to me. Not.

  9. Anonymous said...

    Just a thought. If you are against the author making money why are you helping him by giving his product so much publicity?

    If you want to slam it then slam it properly, call it a scam, and close the comments before anyone can post positive things about it with affiliate links in it.

  10. Anonymous said...

    Coz they're not against the author making money.

    And why will they call it a scam when based on their review it is not a scam? You haven't read the threads.

  11. Anonymous said...

    So much publicity? In this blog? DUH!

  12. Anonymous said...

    Good point! The only people in here are either affiliates or the conspiracy brigade!

  13. Anonymous said...

    Twitter Rocket is now free. The Twitter accounts of morganzero, blogginghannah, and sixfigureluke have been suspended.

  14. Anonymous said...

    Yes, suspended for trademark infringement. Hopefully this will also take out all the other Twitter products that clog the place up.

  15. GloryBug said...

    Interesting- though it appears that they've simply changed their name and continued on without skipping a beat.

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