Unrealistic Writers - "Passive Income"

9:55 AM Posted by GloryBug

I get annoyed at writers (or rather, non-writers) trying to "get rich quick" by pumping out loads of garbage.

For example, one writer recently asked for help on how to turn articles that had made no money for over 40 days into articles that made at least $4 a month. What they really wanted was some trick to magically make them earn money. Curious, I took a look at their catalog of articles. The first thing that jumped out was that there had been over 25 'articles' written in just 3 days, and it appeared they'd been doing that since January.

When I checked out the individual articles, no surprise, they were crap. They were poorly written, had typos and grammatical and spelling mistakes, and provided essentially no useful information. For example, one of them was about how to pass a lie detector test. The information was- only lie if you can convince yourself you aren't lying, tell the truth, avoid a test if you'll lie, and bite your tongue when telling the truth to skew the test. Not only non-useful information, but incorrect information, as biting your tongue or pinching yourself has no effect on the tests.

Another of the 'articles' was how to 'Hold your Breath Before going Underwater'. Er, what? Open yuor mouth and take a breathful of air before you submerge? What drivel. This is a perfect example of an unrealistic, lazy writer. What ads could possibly appear on this page that anyone would click on? Hoping that people will click on random ads that are unrelated to your article is just not smart- especially if they don't even stay on your page more than 2 seconds.

Don't be a lazy writer. Don't clog up the internets with virtual litter. Take some pride in your work.


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